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Learn how to upgrade the Samsung Grand Prime to Marshmallow

The Samsung Grand Prime has several particular characteristics. Its operating system is 4.4.4 KitKat or probably the Android 5.1 Lollipop. This system is quite good for a mid-range cell phone. In addition to this, another thing that makes him attractive is his medical price. That does it accessible to more people. In addition, it is a phone with a very good quality even when it is not so expensive.

Now, although your previously installed Android system works very well, we always want more. The world of technology makes us ambitious. So logically, if a more advanced operating system is released, we will want it. This is the case of Marshmallow, which allows you to have the most wanted apps and also our mobile to run faster.

Version 6.0 in Our Samsung Grand Prime

If you have an Android system like the Samsung Grand Prime, you will surely want to have version 6.0 on your mobile. Now, the million dollar question arises: can i have my Samsung Grand Prime updated to Marshmallow? We tell you with certainty that s. So relax and get comfortable reading this post. We will help you to have this much desired version for the Samsung Grand Prime.

Before entering fully into the subject, we will specify several things. Definitely if you are not convinced to have version 6.0 on your mobile, you have to read this. The Marshmallow installation on your cell phone It will allow the battery to give you almost 30% more.

This also implies that the charge capacity of the battery will be faster. We will not lie to you, like all Android, have slight failures. But nothing that is bearable. We assure you that having version 6.0 on your Samsung Grand Prime, be a good decision.

Process to have your Samsung Grand Prime Updated to Marshmallow

Convinced that your Android must have the Marshmallow version, You must follow the following steps. Go to the option of Settings. After that, press the key that says About the Device. Once you do this, you will see the icon Update software. Once this is done, we must wait for some new search related to the operating system.

It may happen that maybe do not have it available an. If this happens to you, don't despair. Maybe the country where you are does not have it in the market. Or maybe the operator who has your cell phone has not released it. However, you should not necessarily wait for the above to happen.

If you download the original ROM, you can have your version 6.0 manually. But the way to make this possible is a bit complicated. Another thing you should keep in mind is that if your cell phone is under warranty, you can lose it.

Another alternative is the use of Samsung Kies You can download this from the official page to your computer, without problems. Just by searching the page from your computer, having your mobile connected to it, you can have your new version. Here we leave you YouTube link, so that you get and download your Marshmallow, without inconvenience.

After reading this interesting post what do you expect to have your Samsung Grand Prime Updated to Marshmallow? In addition, another very attractive option you have to take advantage of your Samsung Grand Prime is connect it to a Smart TV, which you can learn to do in that post on our website.