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Know all the news of the customization layer


A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Huawei was organizing a developer conference in early August. In it, the Chinese manufacturer I was going to present EMUI 10 officially, its new layer of customization that is based on Android Q. These past weeks have been leaking details about it, which have left us with an idea about what we can expect.

But finally, the day has arrived. EMUI 10 has already been officially presented, so that we know the news that this new version of the Huawei customization layer will leave us. The company has already presented them all at its developer conference.

Dark mode in EMUI 10

EMUI 10 Dark Mode

As will happen with Android Q, we find the dark mode in EMUI 10. The Chinese brand announces that this function is introduced natively, so that the system and system applications acquire this dark tone. In addition, they have confirmed that third-party applications also get this dark mode. They will darken intelligently.

In this dark mode the brand wanted to give special attention to everything being readable. They comment that it is something to which special attention has been devoted. So that the interface remains readable and easy to use at all times with this dark mode.

New interface in EMUI 10

We expect a new interface in this new version of the layer Customization Although so far we have barely been able to see anything about her. It seems that it is committed to an interface with navigation at the bottom of the window. In addition, in EMUI 10 we will also find larger fonts, simpler lines and also new animations. The new animations will be more dynamic and smooth in this case.

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Car mode

Android Auto now gets its own version with EMUI 10. Huawei's customization layer features HiCar, which will allow you to connect the phone with the car at all times. By doing this, you will have access to a number of functions, such as adjusting the music you are listening to, car navigation in real time or being able to turn on the air conditioner before getting on, among other functions.

Connectivity with other devices


Another aspect of importance in this case is the connectivity or interconnectivity with other devices. EMUI 10 is presented in this way as a way to facilitate the creation of a Huawei ecosystem. Since you can connect the phone in a simple way with devices such as drones or the smart speaker of the brand. It also improves connectivity with the computer.

In fact, in this case it is where we find many improvements from the manufacturer. One of the star functions is the best connectivity thanks to wireless projection to a computer. This will allow you to drag files to the virtual screen of the phone. So we can copy files between the two devices, in both directions.

Lock screen

Artificial intelligence continues to gain a presence in EMUI 10. In this case, the Chinese brand uses it to analyze the content of the fothers shown on the lock screen. In this way, the text that has to be displayed on the screen will be placed in a way that does not cover the content. What allows to take better advantage of the screen It assumes that the text can change location depending on the photo you have on the lock screen.

Always on Display

Always on Display mode is updated with EMUI 10 in this case, for the Chinese brand phones that have an OLED screen. This mode now provides a series of new, more colorful images, with which to decorate the phone when we are not using it. New watch designs are also provided, in addition to new decorations in this regard.

EMUI 10 compatible phones

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei has announced that the EMUI 10 beta It will be officially launched on September 8. For now, the manufacturer has already left us with the first phones that will be compatible with it. Although it is normal for the list to be much broader, but it seems that these are the devices that will have access to that beta in the first place. Anyway, we wait for more news.

The phones that will have access to the EMUI 10 beta in September they are: Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Porsche Design, Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P30 Lite, Honor V20 and Honor Magic 2. At the moment they are the only ones that the manufacturer Chinese has confirmed, but surely these weeks or after the launch of the first beta, more is known about other phones, both Huawei and Honor, which may have access to it. For the release of the stable version there are no dates.

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