¿Acaba de confirmar Japan Display que el iPhone 7 será impermeable?

Japan Display just confirmed that the iPhone 7 be waterproof? Updated

Cover page Japan Display just confirmed that the iPhone 7 be waterproof?

Japan Display is one of the largest manufacturers of screens for smartphones, and among its customers are large companies such as Apple. The company has just presented its next generation of Pixel Eyes LCD screen.

The new version of Pixel Eyes will have a thin frame of only 0.5 mm, compared to the 0.8 mm frame it had in the first generation.

In addition, the screen of the new generation will be able to recognize touches of stylus with 1mm tips, while the previous generation could only recognize the touches by electronic pncels with tips of more than 2mm.

With enhanced sensitivity, artists can draw even more detail on the screen. Another function is that Pixel Eyes now allow the screen to work even when the user has wet hands.

Although in the past the possibility that the next iPhone brings AMOLED screen has been rumored, it seems that this year does not happen. And this only means that Japan Display can supply second generation Pixel Eyes screens for Apple's iPhone 7.

Interestingly, this news may confirm that the iPhone 7 is waterproof. One thing is to make mobile phones resistant to splashes, rain or even short periods under water. But full impermeability only works if the screen still works with the device underwater.

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