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Jabra Elite Active 45e: designed for your training hours



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Despite not having a case, want the Jabra Elite Active 45e for your gym routines.

The good

    Easy adjustment Soft and immovable Two microphones with ambient noise reduction Compatibility with Alexa and other assistants Sound + application provides good features

The bad

    They do not come with a case to store / transport them Micro-USB connector makes them outdated Quality and volume of sound is only correct



Why other headphones for sports?

Jabra is one of those brands that always tend to be at the top when it comes to headphones, and even more if that list qualifies earpods Ideal for sports. Not for nothing, not long ago we compared the AirPods 2 medics with the Jabra Elite Active 65t, and the latter were clearly winners.

None of this is accidental: Jabra is part of the GN group, and they have been working and developing sound solutions for over 150 years, both professionals in the telecommunications sector and consumers in general. In addition, they do everything in one place, which generates a positive interaction between the different departments.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are on top of the so-called headphones true wireless for athletes.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are on top of the so-called headphones true wireless for athletes, although it is also true that their price without being extremely high does not make them affordable at most. In addition, although many appreciate the comfort of a wireless connection, they fail to be calm with the total independence and individuality that the headphones give true Wireless: Many are afraid of losing one (or both), and many also find it comfortable to take one or both headphones off and let them hang from our neck.

review jabra elite active 45e 45 headDaniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Have you gone running or exercising with wireless headphones? We have done it, and with more than one model. True wireless As the AirPods or the Elite Active 65t themselves respond well, although it is not difficult for one of them to jump at a certain moment from your ear and fall, which can be very annoying if you are running outdoors. There is also the issue of sweat, which in the case of AirPods can prove fatal.

Here is the solution: Elite Active 45e are ideal, they will not go to the ground or fall through a ravine while running. In addition, they have an IP67 certification and a 2-year warranty for possible damage caused by sweat or dust.

What is it about?

The axiom is quite clear: you don't wear winter boots or flip flops (flip flops) for him jogging or do your routines in the gym, right? Well, it is not the most convenient to use any type of headphones (AirPods, covers ears) when you do it, since in a certain physical activity these models can be very uncomfortable, and also fall or be ruined by sweat.

In other words: Jabra Elite Active 45e they are headphones conceived to be used in your gym or exercise hours, and although they are not exclusively For this, they lose meaning when what you are looking for is the best possible sound quality, the best design or the best noise cancellation.

Its design has the so-called EarWings and EarHooks, which allow you to put them in your ears very easily. EarWings make the relatively large body of the headphones hang over your ears, while their EarHooks allow pods or pods to gently cover your ears without hardly noticing them.

And here, the best: once set, you can jump, jump and even do headbanging if you want.

And here, the best: once set, you can jump, jump and even do headbanging if you want: the Elite Active 45e will remain in position. In reality, we have rarely tried similar headphones, and they are a clear demonstration that a well thought out design does not need stridence to function.

Run on what? In being ideal headphones for physical activities: running, jumping, sweating. It is important to always keep this in mind, since your strength in certain aspects will also be your weakness in others.

What else?

As we say, the Jabra Elite Active 45e It has IP67 water resistance certification (verified to withstand fresh water up to one meter for 30 minutes), as well as a 2 year warranty in case of damage due to sweat and dust. The material here is called EarGel, waterproof and very soft to the touch. After hours of use, you don't feel that pain that many in-ear headphones usually cause, and this is also something worth mentioning.

They are the ideal headphones for physical activities: running, jumping, sweating. It is important to always keep this in mind, since your strength in certain aspects will also be your weakness in others.

One of the most striking features of the Elite Active 45e is that they have a 2 microphone technology, which facilitates quality conversations and calls anywhere. You can easily switch between listening to your music and making calls with a particularly good sound quality, especially for your callers.

Your battery gives you 9 hours of autonomy with a single charge. Whereas they are headphones to use while you exercise, you should have a whole week of music and telephone conversations with a single charge, which is not bad. The charging connector is a Micro USB port, which looks somewhat outdated on the days when everyone opts for the USBC.

jabra elite active 45e act 8 reviewDaniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

It has a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and can be linked to two devices at the same time.

Another feature that we have already known in the in ear Activate the Alexa integration, which facilitates direct access to Amazon Music, Audible or Prime Video. What is not your Alexa? No problem: you can integrate them with Siri or Google Assistant equally, all from the Jabra Sound + application.

It should be said that this application enriches the characteristics of the Active 45e, as well as being able to choose your favorite voice assistant you can also control your music profiles (equalizer), keep track of the battery, and more. We really liked the Concentration feature, which offers up to 12 sounds that will help you isolate yourself from the surrounding noise when you need it (White Noise, Fan, Rain, Cavern, and more).

Sound quality

As we say, the Jabra Active 45e They were designed to be used while doing your favorite physical activities. Their goal is clearly to stay in your ears and not be ruined by sweat or rain, which they fulfill perfectly. But the sound has neither the power nor the quality that other models may have in ear or those that completely cover your ears. In addition, Jabra considers and very well, in our opinion that when you are running down the street or some path, you cannot auditory isolate yourself from the world around you, since that could be dangerous.

review jabra elite active 45e press imageJabra

What does not give you sound, it gives to those who speak for the two built-in microphones, which have reduction of ambient and wind noise.


If you can't run or do your gym routine without listening to music or staying away from phone calls, Jabra Elite Active 45e They are the headphones you should have. In the absence of trying the Jabra Sport Pulse (we hope to do so soon), we can tell you that you will not find other models that hold so much and so well on your ears, without covering them up if you isolate them from the surrounding world. Both Elite Sport and Elite Active 65t have more features and a more refined design, but they are also much more expensive. We miss that Jabra did not include a case to store them, but it is a resistant design, so they should not suffer too much.


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