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Is it advisable to install Android updates?

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One of the usual operations that we see in our Android phones is that from time to time we are offered the possibility of installing a new update, an update that does not always mean a change of version of the operating system, although sometimes yes, and that can simply be a security patch, the repair of some error or some new functionality.

Y One of the questions we ask ourselves is whether we should opt for these updates or not, a question that I have received on numerous occasions and for which we are going to contribute different points of view, since the decision to do it or not lies directly with the user.

There are many and very good reasons to install Every update that comes out, but these are the main ones.

  1. Increase the security of our device: If the manufacturer detects a security hole, close it through an update.
  2. Fix bugs: Faults of all kinds, from locks to ghosting on the screen.
  3. Add features and improvements: Improvements in the camera, new functions of all kinds, new mens, etc.
  4. It can be a jump of version: If the update is not minor, this can mean a change in version, either from 7.0 to 7.1 or even until 8.0, allowing you to enjoy the news that Google launches in each new version

On the other hand, there are also important aspects against updating What should we consider.

  1. Inability to go back: If we install a minor update we will not be able to go back and proceed to its uninstallation, at least in a simple way. If we completely change the version, we may be able to return to the previous version, at least on certain devices.
  2. Loss of performance: Although it sounds contradictory, if our phone works well, an update may cause us not to improve our experience and in fact make it worse.
  3. Autonomous loss: The network is full of forums and user messages indicating that after updating the battery it lasts less and this is a reality that I myself could suffer.
  4. Less disk space: If our smartphone is just disk space and we have trouble updating the applications, choosing to update the system will cause a fast and worrying lack of space.

Having been able to see the positive and negative aspects of the updates, Our recommendations are as follows.

  1. Get informed before updating: Look for information about the purpose of this update, if it is security, if you add new features, if you change your version, etc.
  2. Analyze if the performance and duration of the battery seem optimal: If this is the case and you are really happy with the phone's performance, you should think twice before updating, on the other hand, if the phone does not work well and the battery barely lasts, you have nothing to lose.
  3. If your smartphone gets worse, use the factory reset option: This does not uninstall the updates nor take you to an earlier version, but many times it improves the phone's performance.

As you can see, there are opinions and points of view for all tastes, so We invite you to reflect on them and choose to update your phone or not, a process that only you can decide since to be the one who enjoys or undergoes the new update.

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