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Install Android applications on Windows, Linux or Mac

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<p>Not long ago, <strong>In the last Google I / O the arrival of some Android applications to ChromeOS was announced</strong>, our companions of Andro4all showed us the first Android applications that we can download in ChromeOS. This news made everyone think that Google was cutting distances, <strong>ChromeOS, Android and Chrome are getting closer to each other</strong>.</p><div class=

One more example of the convergence that Google is developing is precisely the tutorial that we are going to see today, and that is that now We can install Android applications in Google Chrome, regardless of whether we use Windows, Linux or Mac.

Obviously we cannot expect application performance to be spectacular, ARChon is developing. Games with very demanding graphics or very heavy applications may not be able to be emulated correctly, we must know the limitations.

Installing ARChon on Chrome

You will need to have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer, download ARChon and unzip the file wherever you want. It's about 100MB so be patient while downloading the file, this is just a modification of runtime which allows you to install Android apps in ChromeOS.

Once the file is decompressed, in Google Chome, go to Tools> Extensions and activate the Developer modeclick on Load decompressed extension … and select the folder where you unzipped the file in the previous step.

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<p>Ready, you'll have the <em>runtime</em> in your Chrome browser, to <strong>to be able to install applications in Chrome should be adapted</strong> previously although the community has created a list of adapted and tested applications to save you time. <strong>In the list you can check the operation of each application</strong>, including a download link for those that work correctly.</p>
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