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Instagram works on several changes in your app: Discover them all

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Instagram is one of the most popular applications on Android nowadays. For months they have been working on a series of changes, such as hiding the number of likes in the publications in the application. Although the social network works on many more changes for its application, they will be introduced shortly. Many of them are already known to most.

Therefore, we tell you some of these changes that Instagram will leave us shortly, which can certainly modify some aspects of importance in the popular application. So it is important to know that we can expect them to be official soon.

For now there are no dates for the introduction of these functions on Instagram. All of them are underway, even some in tests, but there are currently no concrete data on when they will reach the social network. Therefore, we will have to wait a while longer in this regard, although it is likely that all of them will be introduced this year in it.

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New Boomerang modes on Instagram

Instagram Boomerang

Boomerang is one of the most popular functions or tools on Instagram today. So it is no surprise that there will be changes in this regard soon. We work on six new options to use this effect in the publications, which are what we can see in this photo. All of them will be available within a time available to users of the social network. Although a couple of them are really minor variations, more than news in this case.

New icons in stories

The stories on the social network have already been receiving news this year, such as the lyrics of the songs. Now we find new icons in them, which will be official shortly. In this way, it will be much easier to see and differentiate the icons, so that we use the function that we consider convenient in each case. Since each of them will have a different color, for a better use.

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Notifications filters

Instagram notifications filters

Another change that will be official in a few months on Instagram It will be the ability to filter notifications. Currently, we are notified of all kinds of actions in it, as if someone follows us, they like comments, if they comment on the photos, etc. Therefore, this may be too much on some occasions. The social network leaves us with filters.

We can use filters, so let's see only the comments and in this way be able to respond directly, without having to see all the other notifications in the first place. A way to make it simpler and more convenient to interact with the people who comment on our account in the social network.

Share comments on Instagram

Another function that we can enjoy soon in the social network is to share comments. We may share comments that have been left in our publications at all times. This is something that we will be able to do using a direct message in the application to any of our contacts. It will also be possible to share these comments to other applications that are installed on the phone and are integrated with the social network.

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Connected applications

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<p>Finally, a function destined to the <strong>connected application management</strong>. This function has been designed so that we will be able to manage the applications that we have connected to our account. Instagram will provide us access to them within the Android application itself. This is the big change, because until now it was only possible to do this in the web version of the social network.</p>
<p>Therefore, now it will be <strong>possible to carry out the total management from the application on Android</strong>. We can see which applications are connected to the account on Instagram and make changes to them. So if we want to remove an application, we can do it, for example.</p>
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