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In Paris they install cameras and microphones to detect and fine noisy cars

One of the microphones installed to measure sound pollution in Paris Credit: Bruitparif

In Villeneuve-le-Roi, a neighborhood near the Paris-Orly airport, they got tired of noisy cars and took action on the matter: install
noise radars on the lampposts from the central area. These devices have four microphones that measure the ambient sound several times per second, and together with others they can triangulate where a strong sound comes from, and where it travels.

These microphones are linked to the local police surveillance camera system, and will be used to identify noisy cars and, eventually, fine them.

In the last few months about 40 were installed in the bar area of ​​the city, and now 17 ms will be installed.

France already has a legislation that limits the volume of sound that a car can emit, but it is difficult to apply, since until now it requires that the police could measure the noise at the moment. A new law allows the application of this type of acoustic surveillance devices.

"Noise is an evil of the modern era and an important health issue. It affects people in the same way as being a secondary smoker,"
The mayor of Villeneuve-le Roi, Didier Gonzales, told the Reuters agency, who is also the head of the sound pollution agency
Bruitparif, who designed the device.

For now the system is in test mode, and no one is multicated; They plan to test it for two years to check its effectiveness and adjust its sensitivity.

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