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HTC and NordicTrack announce exercise bike for virtual reality

htc nordictrack stationary bike nordictrak ces 2019 1Dan Baker / Digital Trends in Spanish

There is no doubt that if there is an area in which virtual reality shines, it is in video games. The CES technology fair is then the perfect place to discover what other potential uses it can have in our lives.

Ms of CES 2019

One of the new uses of virtual reality is the potential it has to force us to exercise. Many people do not enjoy going to the gym, much less getting on an exercise bike to look at a wall. An alternative is to watch Netflix, but it is a somewhat passive activity. If you really want to have fun while burning hot flashes, NordicTrack, a company specialized in interactive sports teams, has the perfect solution.

It is an exercise bike that has buttons on the handlebars and can move slightly up, down and sideways while pedaling. Of course, none of this will be of use if you don't put a virtual reality device in your head, since that's where all the magic happens.

In the demo we tested, we were in an aircraft that must be propelled as we pedal to be able to "fly" through the air. Throughout the day, you should focus on passing through some rings in the air, while shooting some balloons. All this happens while you pedal. Although, the truth, personally I forgot the objective of the game and I began to fly through the air, completely hypnotized. In the middle of the day, one of the representatives of the company reminded me what my goal was jokingly.

Needless to say, I completely forgot that I was pedaling, although during all this time I was doing it and clearly, I struggled physically. It is worth clarifying that when I removed the device I felt a little dizzy, although this feeling does not have everyone to experience virtual reality and after a few minutes passes.

htc nordictrack stationary bike nordictrak ces 2019 3Dan Baker / Digital Trends in Spanish

Other scenarios (in addition to flying in an idyllic world through the skies) will be present in this entertaining application for virtual reality. Their representatives told us that one of them is a little more grim, because they will have zombies.

Without a doubt, it will be ideal for this type of technology to reach the gyms, since clearly, it will be a little difficult to have it at home for its cost, which we assume is not low since not only a virtual reality device is required, but also the bike.

Being a person who does not enjoy exercise bikes very much, he found the experience fascinating and entertaining. I spent my time faster than normal and exercised.

It is not the first time that this technology is used for fitness purposes. At CES of 2018, Floyd Mayweather himself launched a virtual reality boxing application, ideal for those who enjoy this sport. The product will be available in the middle of this year.

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