Como pasar musica a iPod

How to transfer music to iPod Updated

IPods are by far the best devices for listening to music, since, in fact they are created specifically for this same function, and that is why they are much better than a common mp3.

Despite the problem they have, it is the fact that many people do not really know how to pass your music from anywhere directly to your iPod.

However, luckily for you, this will be placed next, so that you can learn the procedure and you can only transfer all the music you want from anywhere to your reproductive device.

How to transfer music to iPod

How to transfer music to iPodGet the music you want and place it on your iPod as shown below.

The truth is that transferring music to the iPod is one of the easiest things when you have the following aspects:

  • Good internet connection.
  • An internal functional IPod system.
  • A storage that exceeds 4GB.
  • iTunes on the computera with the most recent version downloaded.

Having all these components is really easy enough to pass any type of content directly to the iPod, although for this purpose the following process must be carried out specifically:

  • You go directly to your computer and You connect your iPod device via USB.
  • Subsequently you have to open iTunes, and at the time of doing so, it must be verified that the most up-to-date version of said tool is downloaded.
  • After this last, the content you want to place on the device is chosen, which is done by entering the iTunes library where all the information downloaded from the tool is located.
  • After selecting all this information, you just have to go to the left sidebar and find the iPod device that has been installed which will be identifying with a personalized name on the computer.
  • To continue, just enough drag information from iTunes directly to the iPod device that has been selected.

It should be mentioned that it is possible that at the time of this last process a problem occurs with the USB connection directly with the computer, especially if it is a Windows category.

The latter is because sometimes the iPod it is not linked in a very good way with the computer operating system, although the latter is more than anything because it does not have an updated internal system.

Finally, mention should be made of the fact that if this last process does not work, then you should resort to execute the music transfer function through a manual process, although this will be indicated later.

How to transfer music to iPod from ITunes

How to transfer music to iPod iTunes.This way you can transfer music to iPod from your PC, all with the help of iTunes.

The truth is that iTunes specifically has the function of transferring different types of content from the computer to any type of iPhone, iPad or iPod device.

However, the problem arises when it does not work, so you have to access to transfer from this tool in a manual way, which is achieved as follows:

  • The device must be connected to the computer.
  • ITunes opens again and it is verified that you have the most up-to-date version of your internal system.
  • Later the device is searched to which you want to pass the information, which in this case is music
  • Then we go to the left bar where an option with the name of summary, we go to her.
  • Next we have to go to the part of options.
  • Once ah we go where it says Manage music and videos manually.
  • Finally, click on Apply.
  • After this last process you have to leave iTunes and you must search specifically for the information you want to pass directly to the iPod.
  • Subsequently you have to copy that information.
  • After this last you go to iTunes again and go where it says Music library.
  • Find your device and select it, later click on the section where you want to place the information.
  • Finally paste the information and voila, just like that you can manually add almost any type of content directly to your iPod device.

It should be mentioned that this last process is quite long, but is the best of all, more than anything because of the fact that it is through iTunes and in addition to this it is done manually eliminating the interference of any tool.

How to transfer music to iPod without ITunes

How to transfer music to iPod.One of the best ways to transfer music to the iPod is with the help of this tool.

The truth is that iTunes is not the only tool capable of making music transfers to the iPod, since the truth is that there are many other alternatives that almost perfectly execute this same process.

One of these alternatives is through an application called CopyTrans Manager which is by far one of the most efficient tools in the management of devices with ios features

It is simply due run your download and installation on the computer (which is done through the default page of said tool) and following certain steps that it will indicate so that you can perform the management you want efficiently.

It should be clarified that although, in this case, music transfer to iPod is not so good, this alternative can also be used, since it also performs the same function as iTunes.