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How to read WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger messages without the recipient knowing

Cover page How to read WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger messages without the recipient knowing

The notice of reception and reading of instant messages is a very useful function for some and an abuse of privacy for others.

If they send you a message and you don't want to read it immediately it is best not to open the application, however, if you want to read other people's messages you will have to open the application and appear online, which can lead to misinterpretations and problems.

In some messenger apps you can hide the last online connection, however, many times this may not be enough to preserve privacy.

In this article we will teach you how to read a message without the recipient knowing it in some of the most popular chat and messenger applications.


The most used chat and messenger application in the world has three levels of notice for sending and receiving messages. A popcorn to know that the message has been sent, two popcorn to know that the message has reached the receiver and two blue popcorn or "double check" to warn that the recipient has read your message. You can also see the last hour at which one of your contacts was on WhatsApp just below its name, although that can be hidden.

If you want to hide your status and even avoid the double blue check, you can do so by accessing the Private options in Settings> Accountby WhatsApp. Here you can select who to see the status of your connection and if you want to show the confirmation of reading.

The best way to read the messages without the recipient knowing it is read them directly from the notification area: When you receive a new message notification, slide the notification window and you can read the message privately without even opening the application.

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In Telegram you can also see the last connection time and you can also deactivate this option, you only need to go to the settings, look for the privacy and security area and inside you will find this option.

Telegram is also governed by three simple methods to confirm the sending, reception and reading of the messages: a single popcorn for sending, two popcorn for reception and two blue popcorn for confirmation of reading.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to read the messages in the notifications and by doing this you will not activate the read confirmation.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is different from the other messenger applications, since it locates the connection status next to the account name. To deactivate this, in the main application window, slide your finger from left to right until you reach the “People” tab. When you have done so, select “Assets” and deactivate the marker corresponding to your name.

Disabling chat on Facebook Messenger

When you deactivate the chat you can see the messages that are sent to you and as long as you do not open them the sender will not know that you have seen them.


iMessage does not have the system of the two blue popcorn, although you can see the word received under the messages. In this messenger application you can press button “i” in the upper right to deactivate the confirmation of readingBest of all, you can do it individually and avoid unwanted conversations.

iMessage, read confirmation

Hopefully with this little guide you can prevent your contacts or certain people from seeing that you have read a message. If you have any suggestions regarding ways to avoid double blue check, you can pack them in the comments section.

In addition, do not forget that there are also alternatives to official messenger applications, such as Whatsapp plus, which brings many more options aimed at user privacy and more customization possibilities.

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