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How to put the color name in Brawl Stars

InBrawl starsWhen you play, your brawler's name appears. And by default, the name appears in white; however, this has long been found‘Easter egg’ which enableschange name color to stand out among the rest of the fighters. The problem is that you have to know the codes, which we tell you next. And of course, they just let us doa free change, while the successive ones will force us to spend gems. That is, if we want to change the color of the name of our fighter, we can do it once without cost and the rest we have to pay, then we must take some precaution.

Codes to put the color name in Brawl Stars

The following are all available codes. We have to access, on the main screen of the game, the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner; and from ah, from Settings, we will giveRename and we will have to put ourfirst name with the code that we tell you next. Keep in mind that this only serves tofour letter names, no more.

first name Red color

first name green color

first name color blue

first name cyan color

first name purple

first name yellow color

first name pink colour

first name garnet color

In the above, obviously, where it puts its name is where we are going to place ourfirst name of user we want to be visible. If we have done everything right, the new name will appear in apreview already with the color defined, just before clicking on the optionContinue, to be the one to save the changes. By clicking on continue, we have done well, or we have done it wrong, to spend our only opportunity to make the color change in the name in the Brawl Stars video game.

If we want, we can only paint part of the name leaving, whatever we want in white, outside the codes we mentioned earlier. What we cannot do is combine several colors within the same name using more than one code.

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