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How to put a background image in Power point

Cover page How to put a background image in Power point

Today we will take a very brief moment to talk to each of our users that is Power Point and how can they place a background image in that program, it should be mentioned that with this tool users will be able to contemplate all the possibility of using animations, text, images, etc.

Also, Power Point is a program that is part of Microsoft Office, next to the Excel program, and the Word program, among many others; This is one of the best options that a user could choose when they want to teach a class, participate in an idea or show a product

However, if we get to comment that maybe we can explain about how to put or assign a background image In this great and useful program Will you believe us? Well, stay with us and find out for yourself.

How to put a background image in Power point 2007?

Power Point 2007The truth is that the option to "place background image" has always been available in Power Point, even in the 2007 version.

It can be said that the great Power Point program is considered as a type of program that focuses on presentations, which It is developed by the Microsoft company and serves for operating systems, such as Mac OS and the Windows system.

Said program It will be integrated into all the office suite known as Microsoft Office as one more type of element, which will be able to take advantage of every advantage offered by the other components of the team to achieve a better optimal result.

In addition, this program It is considered as one of the most widespread related to the presentation worldwide, because this is extremely broad and widely used in all fields of education and business.

In this way, through figures obtained from Microsoft there are 30 billion presentations that are made per day Through the services of this program, this is why a series of steps will be demonstrated below so that users can know how to put a background image in Power Point.

Steps to follow to be able to add any type of image in the background of said program

  1. In the first step the user will have to open your Power Point program version 2007, so as to have to go to the tab of Design, which is located on the toolbar of the program and where you will find the Background styles and there you have to press.
  2. Next, the user will notice that an option called as Background Format, because in that part this must find the option of Filling, so that it manages to mark the box that shows as Filled with image or texture.
  3. Subsequently, the image must be added and for that you have to click on the button Archive and with it you will have to select the image.
  4. Finally, the user has to press on the button Close to be able to insert the background in your current slide, but in case you want to apply them to all slides, you must press on the button Apply to all so that the image is inserted on each of the slides of the presentation.

How to put a background image in Power point 2016

Power Point 2016It is no secret to anyone that by placing a background image, you will make your presentation much more attractive.

In this part we can comment that the version of Power Point 2016 is the most current and therefore It is the one that is in force until our days; Therefore, this version of this program has been released on the date of September 23 of the year 2015.

Also, this program is considered has gone public through the part of the Office 365 package, which did not have a great change of visual character related to its predecessors, such as the Power Point 2013.

However, it should be reflected that the change that has been most observed is undoubtedly all the color in the toolbar, because this logr adopt the style of Colorfull.

However, this version has focused on the cloud and to be able to provide all types of collaboration to users when they have to work in a group, since they will be able to work in the same presentation and even at the same time.

Thus, The program has also managed to incorporate a peculiar information box, where users will be able to access much more quickly to any type of function just by writing on this box, a keyword that determines what you want to do.

In addition, thanks to the fact that each presentation will usually be done through one PC and will be demonstrated on another, it becomes very important that they are transferred in a very transparent and easy way, as it reflects the case of some programs, such as Impress.

It should be noted that, this great and useful version of the Power Point program will present a small problem, which can be seen in the possibility to import some contents of any other program through OLE, so in this way some presentations are going to stay with Windows.

This is because even the version of Powerpoint for Apple may not be able to open conveniently. about the files of your program in the Windows operating system.

Is it very complicated to put a photo in the last version of Power Point?

The answer to this question is Do not, since you only have to insert a certain background image of one of the slides, and for that you will have to click on the button on the right side on the slide that best suits the user.

  1. Then, it is selected in the part of Format the background, and with that the user has to insert a background image on the given slide.
  2. Next, you will have to go to the panel Format the background, so that when you are on the choose the option of Filled with image or texture, and then you will have to press on Insert the image from, so that with that the user can decide from where he wants to get his image.
  3. In case the user wishes adjust all the relative brightness of your image, you should slide over its transparency bar to the right side.
  4. Meanwhile, that in case of want to apply the background image to all slides of your presentation made this will have to select in the option of Apply to all, or if the user wishes otherwise, it should only close its Background Format Panel.

How can users get to delete a background image in Power Point?

  1. At the moment the user is in the view Normal, this is going to have to select one of your slides with the Background design or with the image you want to delete.
  2. Then, in the part of the tab Design located on the part of the toolbar of the ribbon is pressed on it to reach the part of the group of Personalize located at the far right, and then selected in Format the background.
  3. Subsequently, the user has to go to the panel Background format, specifically in the part of Filling so you have to choose the option of Solid Fill.
  4. The user has to choose the arrow below that is located next to the button Colour, so that a small color galley is reflected, so the user is at the time of selecting the color White.

With this the user will notice that the entire current fund has been removed, so that now the bottom of his slide is completely white.

  1. However, in case you want to perform said removal of background images with all the other slides in the presentation you have to press on the option of Apply to all, which is reflected in the lower part of the panel Format the background.

How to put a background image on Power point watermark?

Power Point 3With a watermark image, you can leave a distinctive stamp on the presentations you make.

In this part of the article we must comment that the Power Point program has among all its features a unique option that allows all its users to place on their presentation slides a type of background image in the Logo mode, or better known as watermark.

Therefore, it accepts each one of the images that come from the archive or even the images of the predesigned type, such as text boxes or objects from Word Art, as long as it is the same acute marks in the text.

Also, this great program You will be able to insert this type of watermarks in each of your presentation slides that is being done or only in which you want to add; In addition, it becomes very flexible when using these types of objects:

Which allow them to occupy any position on the slide, and in turn allow their sizes to be different; however, they will be customized by the user with the purpose that they will not conflict with all the content coming from the same slide.

However, if users do not have sufficient knowledge to be able to add these watermarks to an image behind their text, the following may be done:

What could be the steps necessary for a user to make their watermarks in Power Point?

Before starting the user, you have to know that instead of placing the watermarks in kind of slide pattern, this you will have to add them on the slides, and then have to copy them to another slide.

  1. As a first step for the user, you have to add the watermark in the image, and for that you can click on the part of See Slide Master.
  2. Then, when the user is in the view of the slide pattern, you have to go to the part of the thumbnail panel that is located on the left, and at that precise moment you have to click on the part of the Slide layouts.

In it, the user can add a type of watermark to their image.

  1. You must click with the button Secondary on the part of the slide and then make another click on the option that is reflected as Thoroughly format.
  2. When the user is already in the part of the panel of the background format that is located on the right, he will have to click on the option Image or texture, and with it you press on Insert image from, making another click on one of the options that are observed.
  3. Subsequently, in the same panel formatting thoroughly, the user has to slide his bar Transparency towards the right side so that the entire percentage of said transparency is established.
  4. As a last step you can apply the watermark on each of the slides of the presentation, if in the part of the background format panel the user clicks on Apply to all, and then on the tab Slide pattern, press on the option of Close pattern view.

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