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How to play without WiFi or mobile data on Android

If you are addicted, that you know that you are not alone because it is one of theAndroid games of greatest success. But beyond that, you should not worry when, for example, you go on the subway and do not have 4G coverage, or aWifi to connect to play. It's something that its developers realized quite soon, and for a long time we have the option to play without WiFi and without any type of Internet connection. As an alternative, as we advanced, we will have to face AI; that is, snakes controlled by your own mobile, and not by other people.

How to play without WiFi on Android and face AI

It is very simple. The only thing you have to do is, on your Android phone or tablet, and on the main screen of the video game select anickname. That is the name with which you are going to show yourself in the game, and with which you can see your accumulated score and length, as well as the position with respect to your enemies. When you have selected your nickname, and the skin you want from the lower left button, then you can start a game.

Normally, to start a game of click on the "Play online!" Button. However, if we do not have Internet connection for both mobile networks and WiFi, then where we will have to press is just below, in the button with the text‘Play Against IA’,what does it mean‘Play against Artificial Intelligence’. And here, as we mentioned, you will not need an Internet connection because you can play offline.

The only difference is that the rest of the snakes you are going to face are not controlled by human beings, but by the game itself. The level in this type of games is somewhat lower, but the truth is that it is more than enough to throw some games when, for whatever reason, we can not enjoy online games because we do not have WiFi connection.

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