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How to play classic Mario Kart on Android

Thanks toemulators, on Android mobile devices we can enjoy video gamesclassic of old platforms, which obviously are not kept for sale. Among many other video games is the sagaMario Kart, which has its latest delivery on iPhone and Android with Mario Kart Tour, and we can enjoy it almost completely on our Android phones and tablets. We tell you how, and with which emulators it is more advisable. Obviously, the corresponding ROMs must be obtained separately.

How to play all Mario Kart classics on your Android thanks to emulators

For the different Nintendo video consoles, on Android we have emulators available that allow us to recover their games. The most recent ones are obviously not available, so titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe cannot be used even on Android mobile devices. But practically all of them can be played again on mobile or tablet, with the following emulators.

Super Mario Kart – SNES (1992)

Super Mario Kart was the first of all, and came to the SNES in 1992. Quite earlier than Mario Kart 64, and with a much more limited gameplay. It is the classic among classics, and later it was relaunched for the successful Wii in the year 2010. Currently we can play it on Nintendo Switch officially, thanks to the backward compatibility, but we can also enjoy it on Android mobile devices. We can use the SNES, with the Snes9x EX + emulator, or use the Wii version and do the same with Dolphin Emulator, although the performance may be significantly lower.

Snes9x EX +

Snes9x EX +

Mario Kart 64 – Nintendo 64 (1997)

Mario Kart 64, at this point, is considered a classic and an icon of video games. At the level of playability, there are few differences with respect to the current titles. The graphics are much simpler and there is no such variety of cars or characters. The traps are not as many as the current ones, but he gave us and can continue to give us hours and hours of play, although we can only play in ‘offline’, although also with multiplayer on a split screen. It was relaunched on Wii in 2007, and on Wii U in 2016.

Mario Kart Super Circuit – GameBoy Advance (2001)

From the Nintendo 64 desktop we can enjoy the careers of Mario and his friends in portable, in the GameBoy Advance, with Mario Kart Super Circuit launched in 2001. They were years of waiting without a new Mario Kart, and the success of the same propitia that in the year 2015 Nintendo relaunched it for Wii U. The graphics were much more limited by the cumbersome hardware of GameBoy Advance, but at the level of playability it was a Mario Kart with all the letters. And with the following emulators we can enjoy it again, but now on Android mobile devices.

Mario Kart: Double Dash – Gamecube (2003)

Gamecube was Nintendo's last bet for the typical desktop format. In 2003 the title was released for herMario Kart: Double Dash, and this was not subsequently relaunched on any other platform. WithDolphin emulator We can recover this game and, as with the rest, enjoy it again on our Android mobile devices. The graphics made a substantial leap over the Nintendo 64 title and, of course, great novelties were included at the level of gameplay in this release that came no less than five years later.

Dolphin emulator

Dolphin emulator

Mario Kart DS – Nintendo DS (2005)

The ‘double screen’ arrived, so Nintendo could turn 180 of its quintessential franchises,Mario Kart. They simply had an additional screen to show the key information about the race, and this is something we can enjoy now on our Android mobile devices. In addition, we can also take advantage of the not too many functions that the touch screen gave us on that console. This game was released ten years later for Wii U, but most users will know it for its availability on Nintendo DS, which is for the console that was originally released.

Mario Kart Wii – Wii (2008)

Three years later, the Japanese firm returned withMario Kart Wii for the console that broke molds. Finally we can drive differently, with themotion sensor of its controls coupled to a steering wheel. Nothing close to a simulation video game, of course, but I knew it was much more fun to play it with the family with the flyers in hand. The title was kept exclusively for Wii throughout the years, but now we can recover it for our Android mobile devices. Like the titles of Gamecube, those of Wii can be used on Android thanks to Dolphin Emulator.

Dolphin emulator

Dolphin emulator

Super Mario Kart – Wii (2010)

Super Mario Kart is not a Wii launch, although it came in 2010, but the relaunch of a classic that, again, we can enjoy on Android with Dolphin Emulator. Back to the classic graphics and with a much more limited gameplay. As Nintendo itself highlighted, it is a return to‘When there is no blue shell’; Yes, the one that allows to delay the one who is in first position to try to overcome positions and change the course of the race.

Dolphin emulator

Dolphin emulator

Mario Kart 7 – Nintendo 3DS (2011)

Nintendo's laptops evolved when the Japanese firm opted for3D, a technology that at that time seemed to succeed. It was not so, and fortunately we can play any video game without this effect that, most of them, may cause more fatigue and dizziness in front of the screen. For Nintendo 3DS it was launchedMario Kart 7, one of the most recent in the history of plumber racing games. Unfortunately, there is no Nintendo 3DS emulator that works well on Android, although it is certain that later it will be available to enjoy this and other video games on that platform.

Mario Kart 8 – Wii U (2014)

Mario Kart 8 It's really recent. It was launched on Wii U in 2014, but the Japanese firm has recovered it in the form ofMario Kart 8 Deluxe for the platformNintendo Switch, which as you know is the most recent. And there are no Wii U emulators –that work correctly- or Nintendo Switch for Android. So this title we play enjoy it in the current Nintendo game console. Although it is a relaunch, improvements have been made at the level of graphics and maps have been released, in addition to other “added” ones that have made it worthwhile to buy it again. In addition, Wii U went almost unnoticed.

Mario Kart Tour – Android (2019)

The last one isMario Kart Tour and it already has a release date for the next month of September. For now, if you want the Mario Kart Tour APK you will have to wait, but you have the option to go to the Google Play Store and register. Thus, as soon as it is available you will be notified and you can download the video game. It promises, and so far Nintendo has not disappointed with its video games for mobile devices. Pokmon Masters is the most recent, and in a matter of hours it has been placed as number one in downloads in many countries.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

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