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How to pass your contacts and numbers from one Android to another

From time to time we renew our mobile, we change to anew smart phone because the previous one is obsolete or for pleasure, or because it was broken or stolen. Whatever the reason, thephone numbers and, in short, thecontacts that we have saved, they should go with us to the new device. And passing them is much simpler than some users think.

InAndroidWe can save our contacts in several places. We can store them on the phone, save them on the SIM card or inOne account. Depending on the manufacturer we will have the own account of their services, but in all of them we will have available theGoogle account as an option to store thephone numbers. And it is the most recommended, because it is the option in the cloud and, therefore, it will be easier for us to recover those contacts later on any other device; It doesn't matter if it's a smart phone or a tablet.

How to transfer your contacts from one mobile to another with Google Account

If you have contacts on your SIM card, on your Android mobile go to the applicationContacts, and in the upper left touch on Men to open the Settings section and then press onTo import. Once here, we will have to select the optionSIM card and then choose the Google account in which we want our phone numbers stored in the SIM to be 'dumped'. This, according to the brand and model, will serve us exactly the same to be able to import to the Google account the contacts that we have stored in the internal storage system.

In addition, we can do the same to import files to the Google account from aVFC file, selecting the corresponding option in the same menu. And when we have all our contacts saved in the Google account, just thatlet's start session with our Google account on the other device. That is, in the new one, in which we do not have contacts. Automatically, those from the Google account will be taken.

To save us all the possible problems of this process, it is always advisable to select, in the application ofContacts of our Android device, theGoogle account as the default place to save new contacts. Thus, in the future we will not have to import contacts back into the cloud storage system of the Mountain View company.

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