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How to open the secret game of Android 10, a nonogram

ForAndroid 10, the Mountain View company has again opted for asecret game. This is, on this occasion, a type gamepuzzle which is callednonogram, and that it has in the margins the instructions so that we leave the inner boxes of color or blank, as appropriate. And the truth is that, although it seems a simple game, Google has developed it to such an extent that it is unknown how many levels it has. At the moment, it seems that nobody has managed to reach the end of it, which is gradually becoming more complicated and is comparable to a specific nonogram app.

How to access the secret game of Android 10, the nonogram hidden in your mobile

TheAndroid 10 secret game You will reach all smart phones and tablets with this version of the operating system, as it becomes available to them. And the only thing we have to do to enjoy it is to take our device, access the application ofSettings and then move to the section ofAbout the phone. Within it, then we will move toAndroid version, where we have to press repeatedly until the official logo of the version appears, which, as we say, isAndroid 10

Once this logo appears, then we will have to pressthe 1 of the logo until it rotates. When we have the possibility of moving the ‘1’, then we will move itabout ‘0’, so that something similar toa ‘Q’, what to refer toAndroid Q. Indeed, this is the "other name" that the version would have had, following the usual denominations based on breakfast in alphabetical order.

When we have formed the letter in question, then we canpress the logo and the next thing that happens is that the game is opened. However, it seems that Google has not done quite well with its nonogram and, in order to play correctly, we will have to use our device in horizontal orientation, that is, with the screen lying down so that the 'tracks' of the upper part fit and from the left zone simultaneously.

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