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How to make your Telegram account self-destruct

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<p><strong>Telegram has become a very popular Android application</strong>. It is an option that stands out for its good privacy management, such as the possibility of creating chats that will automatically destroy itself. A good way to have private conversations in which captures cannot be made or in which messages will be deleted.</p><div class=

Although it is a very popular application, there are users who Do not want or stop using your Telegram account. Therefore, when this time comes, there may be people who want to close their account on it. We can eliminate it directly, which is another important detail.

Although in this sense we have an additional option, which may be of interest. It is about self-destructing the account automatically. So if we have not used the account in a certain time, the application will automatically delete it. A simple trick, but that can help us. In addition, it is something that we can configure in a simple way within the application itself.

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Self Destroy Telegram Account

Delete Telegram account

This is a method that Telegram has available and that assumes that the account is deleted, but that gives us time to think twice. So if after having configured this, we regret and do not want the account to be deleted, we only have to access the application itself on our Android phone. So this process stops in this way. So we can continue using the application.

To set the function of self-destruct the Telegram account, the steps to follow are very simple, as you can imagine. What we have to do is the following:

  • Open the Telegram application on the phone.
  • Click on the three horizontal stripes to display the side menu of the application.
  • Enter the settings option in that menu.
  • Access the Privacy and security section.
  • Look for the section called "Delete my account if I am outside …" and enter it.
  • Choose the time that has to pass until the application will delete your account.

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In this way, if we spend that established time without using the account, then the Telegram account is going to be deleted. This means that all the data we have in that account will also be lost in this way. Therefore, what we have to do in this case, before configuring this function, is that we will download the data (photos, files, videos …).

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