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How to make screenshots on Android with your voice

Google Assistant

Screenshots are very common in Android. In fact, it is common for them to be saved in applications such as Google Photos, as we have already shown you on occasion. When making a capture on the phone, there are usually several methods. We can use a combination of buttons, in some phones we can do it in the quick settings and we have some gestures, in some layers of customization.

Although if we want, it is also possible to make screenshots on Android using our voice. Through a voice command we can use Google Assistant and make a capture in this way. An additional method, which is comfortable for many, although we have to activate first.

It is something we can do easily on our phone. So that we will be able to make screenshots whenever we want, through a simple voice command. The idea is that in this way we do not use a combination of buttons or quick settings, we will only use the assistant on the phone.

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Activate voice screenshots on Android

Google Assistant

The first step therefore is to activate this function on our Android phone. To do this, we will first have to open the Google application on the phone and log in with the account. Within it, we look at the lower right corner and click on the option More. Then we then enter the settings of that account.

In the next step click on the Google Assistant option. Then, when we are inside the configuration, we move to the assistant section. We enter and go down a bit in it, until we reach the telephone option. There we display the menu with several options available. So, we have to activate these two options on Android: Use screen context and Donate screenshots. This way it will be possible to do them at all times.

Of course, we have to have Google Assistant activated on our Android phone at all times. If we do not have the assistant, as it may be the case that we have deactivated it, we have to activate it first. It is something we can do in the previous step as well, so it should not present any problem in this regard.

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Once we have activated these options, we will be able to start making screenshots with voice commands on the phone. We will only have to open the wizard when we want to do it. We can use the usual command, such as “OK, Google,” so that we can then ask you to take the screenshot in question. This option can be of great interest if you want to take long screenshots.

In addition, we cannot forget that within Google Assistant, in its application, we find a function called Share screenshot. So we can also use it on our Android phone if we intend to make these captures at all times. They are two very simple methods and that are undoubtedly of great utility in this case, especially if we use the wizard regularly on the phone, we may find it useful.

When we use this function on Android, how can it be using the command Ok, Google, take a screenshot, then a new screen will open. It is then allowed to share the capture, which is what we can want at that time. So we can send it by mail or in messaging applications to another person. This is already an additional option, in case that is our intention.

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