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How to inject the payload of SX OS on Nintendo Switch with an Android

If you have oneNintendo Switch withSX OS, and not with SX Pro, know that your console has installedAutoRCM; that is, you need apayloada specific file forblaze up every time we restart or shut down completely. And this, most users do it from the computer. But in the case of a console that has "portable mode" what do we do if we are away from home? Very simple, because we can do it with acable and our mobile deviceAndroid

In order to do this we need to have aNintendo Switch, as is evident, withAutoRCM and with SX OS on your micro SD card. Now, what we need is an Android mobile device and a cableUSB C to USB C, or preferably a USB OTB adapter to connect our Nintendo C USB cable, and all connected to our mobile device. With this, now we will only need an application calledRCM Loader, and that you can download from the direct link at the end of this article.

RCM Loader, or how to inject the SX OS payload into Nintendo Switch from Android

First of all, go to the web onTeam Xecuter, specific toSX OS, and download thepayload of SX OS in the memory of your smart phone. Now open RCM Loader in l and, in the left section ofpayloads, click on the ‘+’ button to load that payload. When you have done so, then you will have to connect the Nintendo Switch to the device and press the power button, although you will do absolutely nothing. This is the moment when it enters RCM mode and then, in the application of our smart phone, in the list of the payload section, we will have to select the one that corresponds to SX OS.

Exactly the same as if we did it from our computer, the payload file will be injected into the Nintendo console and then be when starting the initialization of it with SX OS. If we press the ‘+’ button on the game console while this occurs, located at the top, then we can select as always if we want the console to boot from the custom SX OS firmware, or if we prefer it to start with the original Nintendo firmware.

From here, everything will be exactly the same as if we had used our computer to inject the payload file into the game console. We can do it as many times as we want, but always keeping in mind that we will need the above.

RCM Loader

RCM Loader

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