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How to get Leon for free in Brawl Stars, the best brawler

Leon is not only considered one of thebest brawlers by the community, but also by the developers. Precisely because of this, it is listed as a characterlegendary. And this is what conditions that is so difficult to achieve. Still, the probability is there, and there are ways to get hold of Leon. But how, exactly? Everything has to do withbrawl boxes, exactly the same as with the rest of brawlers, improvements, and all kinds of game elements that, of course, we will have easier to obtain when getting gems in Brawl Stars.

How to get Leon for free, Brawl Stars ‘best brawler’

Lion It can be obtained by opening boxes, and the only onesfree boxes we have in Brawl Stars are thebral boxesnormal- and thegiant boxes which give us a content equivalent to that of three normal boxes. To open this type of boxes we will neednormal tokens orstar tokens. The first ones will give us access to normal boxes, as the name implies, while the star cards will help us to open the giant boxes. We will need 100 standard tokens for a normal brawl box, and 10 star tokens will be needed to open a giant box.

For the system ofodds from Brawl Stars, the fastest and safest way toget Leon for free It's betting on giant boxes. But how do we get them quickly? In this sense, it is best to launch directly atdaily events from Brawl Stars. Depending on the position we obtain in these temporary game modes, at the end we will directly obtain the star card. So, if we have dexterity inside the battle royale, it is relatively easy and quick to get star tokens to open giant boxes. However, there is a time limit; we can getA giant box every two days.

The good news is that, the more boxes we have opened and the less brawlers we have appeared,higher the probability. So, indeed, the longer it takes Leon to appear, the easier it is to appear at the next opening of a box. However,probability to get Leon in a box is just0.1920% according to the official figures of the video game. So, although you can, it is not easy at all.

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