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How to get an appearance similar to Android N on your mobile

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<p><strong>Many of us would love to have the latest version of Android installed on our mobile,</strong> but unfortunately, for one reason or another we don't have the possibility of having a Nexus phone. For everyone else, <strong>the community tries to get solutions</strong> to be able to have a similar appearance until the manufacturer releases the official version or until the developers have a custom ROM ready.</p><div class=

Then you We bring a list of applications that can not be missing in your mobile if you want to have the appearance of the latest version of the operating system of the great G.

First we will start talking about a theme for Cyanogenmod, this is Android N Style, and we can get it for free in the Google app store. Of all the themes that try to imitate the style of the next version of Android, This is probably the most true to reality. In addition, if there is something that stands out is the absence of bugs and that is completely free.

If you like dark designs there is no problem, This developer has been responsible for creating Android N Style without any difference, except for the predominance of black that some users demand so much.

Once we have done this step, we must install a launcher according to the new appearance. Among all the options we can choose, Nova launcher and N launcher stand out, which can also be downloaded for free from the Google app store.

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<p>If there is something that leaves Nova launcher behind its competitor, it is the <strong>It is necessary to download the premium option to have all the Android N styles.</strong> In addition, these will be included gradually, while N launcher already has the Android N style without going through the box.</p>
<p>To give the final touch, <strong>There is an application for all those who have Xposed Installer installed on their device.</strong> N-ify manages to give a pure Android N appearance, managing to completely change the notification curtain and some elements in the settings section.</p>
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