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How to free up storage space on Android Updated

Cover page How to free storage space on Android

It is very helpful for users to have more storage space, since through it they can install a greater amount of Applications and save videos, as well as images. One of the most common problems within the current generation of mobile devices is the storage space, which tends to be very limited in low and medium range equipment, that is why we will teach you to free up space on this occasion.

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By having little storage space, the operating system Android prevents us from installing new applications, and even makes it impossible for us to record videos or take pictures, something extremely annoying for those who usually use their Tablet or Smartphone To be able to capture the whole world that surrounds them, it is for this reason that carrying out a freeing of space will be of great help for those who seek to maximize the mobile devices they have.

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Free storage space on Android is easy

While there are different tools or applications that promise us to be able to free storage space on AndroidThe truth is that there is no better way than to do it manually through the steps that we will explain below, since one of the details of these applications is that they take up too much space and tend to slow down the device.

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  • The first thing we recommend is to delete the downloads made, since many of the files that take up your space are the downloads that tend to be applications, documents and other items that you really don't need. We recommend you enter the Downloads folder, as well as your frequent Internet browser, which will send you directly to the place where you usually store your downloads.
  • The clear the cache It also allows you to free storage space of your Android mobile device. The cache includes all the necessary functions and files that applications use to function, which tends to be very crowded in case we usually use different types of applications. To clear the cache we must go to Settings> Storage> Data stored in cache.
  • Use the cloud to make a photo backup, videos and important documents, so that you don't have to keep those items stored on your Android devices. In turn, you can have an application of your service in the cloud to access these files from your mobile device easily.

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