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How to format the micro SD on Android and erase everything

The micro SD card It is an external storage medium, ideal to expand the capacity of our mobile and'relieve' internal memory But, even if we insert a micro SD into our mobile, sooner or later it will fill up. And it is possible that at some moment it has problems of operation, with the passage of time. Both one thing and the other can be solved byformat micro SD card, something really simple on Android.

Format the micro SD It is something we can do in both smartphones and tablets, as long as the device has a slot for this type of external storage. And the only previous step that we must do, and that is evident, is to insert the card. In some cases we must activate its operation on the device, and in others not. There are devices that even need to restart the terminal to detect it, it all depends on the brand and model we are using. Once this is done, we can begin with the guided process described below.

Step by step: how to format a micro SD on Android

On your smart phone or tablet, open the appSettings of the device and scroll to the Storage section. Inside it, scroll to the bottom until you find the section corresponding to the micro SD card. On some devices, here we will see the buttonFormat micro SD, while in others we will have to press to open the options, and then I know that we can click on the option of formatting or deletion.

According to the Android version, you can give us the option of‘Format as internal storage' O well‘Format as portable storage’. While the first option allows us to use the micro SD for the installation of applications, the second one does not. Choose the option we choose, after this just wait until the procedure is finished so that all the contents inside the micro SD are eliminated.

If we use the‘Formatting as internal storage’ we must bear in mind that, if we install apps on the micro SD, they will stop working when we have removed the card. Something we may do when, for example, we want to pass photographs or videos from the mobile to the computer using a card reader. Therefore, if it is to save audio or video files or images, for example, we may be more interested in the port portable mode ’.

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