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How to download FIFA 18 for your android device

Cover page How to download FIFA 18 for your android device

How to download FIFA 18

fifa 18 for android

For all those true lovers of football and video games, the new version of FIFA 18 arrives that will take you to experience the passion of playing FIFA 18 from your own Android device. Here we will show you how to download FIFA 18 for your android device.

In each match you will be able to experience the best graphics and the most qualified movements, with the most updated templates. Each version is better than the previous one, so FIFA 18 promises to provide the best experience when starting the initial whistle.

Any football and video game fan knows that the season officially begins with the arrival of the new FIFA.

This year, it arrives with several novelties, thus maintaining the enveloping style of play that simulates the marvel of real sport, this almost identically.

Wondering if it's worth playing? If you have previously had the opportunity to play FIFA in its previous versions, you will know that the fun is just beginning.

Steps to download FIFA 18 on your android device

Android device

There are several ways to download FIFA 18, however, here we will show you the fastest and most effective way. These three files shown below will come compressed so you must unzip one by one.

1.- Data updated templates

2.- Dtos Obb V9

Each file is selected, we press options, then we select to extract, in current path and each file to be decompressed at the end, we select the folder and move it to the SD memory, then select android obb, data and finally press OK, if it is not saved in this way the folder may not be visible. Finally we select the third folder and click on INSTALL.

3.- V9 Apk Deluxe and alternative. Zip

Following these steps thoroughly, you can complete the download and start playing FIFA 18.

What are the improvements of the new FIFA 18


Now you wonder, what are the new improvements that this new and improved version entails?

Among the improvements in FIFA 18, the goals and stops are even more spectacular than in the previous ones, with the most amazing graphics; each graphic is better than the previous one, from the lights, the textures, the lawn, the spectators and the players, not to mention the way to charge a penalty.

Other excellent updates that FIFA 18 brings


– Personalization– Tattoos and booties that are unlocked– Skills that improve your performance in the field– Fully doubled to Spanish– Speed ​​up the pace of the games– Recommendations of the game when making changes between matches expediting the selection process– All the data and statistics of the players are up to date – As a director you are in charge of financial details of the team – As a player you have to focus on the skills to level up

So do not hesitate to download, it is simple and fast. You can enjoy the best football game available for your android device and totally free.

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