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How to change Fortnite buttons for Android and add new ones

Although a touch screen is not as comfortable as a keyboard or a controller to play, the location of the buttons can help a lot. Fortnite understands it well and lets us customize several aspects of these.

We can change the Fortnite buttons for Android in a simple way and with many parameters: button size, icon size, position … Even there are hidden buttons that do not appear if you do not place them.

We show you step by step the simple way to customize the controls for Fortnite on Android.

Change Fortnite buttons for Android

How to change Fornite buttons for AndroidThe first step is to access the screen personalization screen. It only requires a few touches:

  1. Touch the menu in the upper right. It has the form of three lines.
  2. Click on "HUD Layout Tool" under the green "Help for Controls" button.
  3. Ready!

Change Fortnite buttons for Android in combat mode Change Fortnite buttons for Android in construction mode

Once you enter this tool you will do it in the edit mode of the combat mode. In the right menu (by clicking on the arrow) you can switch to the construction mode edition. Button configuration is independent of each mode, just like there are different buttons on each one.

You can move all the buttons and even the minimap, but not the life bars and shield.

Once here changing the Fortnite buttons for Android is already very easy. Press a button to select it and drag it to where you want to place it.

Fortnite Button InformationWith a button selected you can also open the menu on the right side to change some attributes. In almost all you can change the size of the touch area and the icon size within this By clicking on «Reset module» this will return to its place and initial form.

Additional combat buttons for Fortnite Additional buttons to build in Fortnite

But there is also a surprise. If you drag down the blue background you can find the additional buttons that are not placed by default. These are the following:

  • Buttons direct access to an inventory space. They can be placed only in one mode or for both.
  • Button Change weapons.
  • Button running lock, which allows you to keep running without holding down.
  • (Construction mode) Reset Edition, to restore the last change to an object.
  • (Construction mode) Interact with construction, to interact without clicking on it.

And if after touching everything you think you have made it worse you just have to click on «Reset all». It is the red button that appears in the side menu if you select the blue background and reset everything to default.

The best way to take advantage of these options

Triggers for mobiles

Oh, but that's not the PUBG? Yes, you can use it in many games.

As much as we move the buttons from here to there it is possible that we are still not happy with the playability offered by the touch screen of a mobile. You still can't play with command, but you can put some triggers to your mobile, as we mentioned in this other article:

With this accessory, which allows you to press two parts of the screen by pressing a few triggers, the full potential is unleashed to change the Fortnite buttons for Android. Place the buttons that you want to assign to the triggers in the accessory's actuation zone and for all!

For example, one use that will help you is to place the main trigger button on a trigger and another to jump. But each one, with his experience and his way of playing, will know better how to customize the buttons for him. If instead this screen is not your thing, we recommend some games that you can play with remote.

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