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How to block WhatsApp with fingerprint in the official app

Whatsapp has been updated, little by little, to improve the care aboutPrivacy of its users. A key function in this, of the last to arrive at the application, is thechat protection through thefingerprint. Obviously, for smart phones that have this biometric security system. Before it could be done with third-party apps, but now the fingerprint lock is a native feature of the WhatsApp instant messenger application.

There are many applications, in our smart phones, that contain or may contain sensitive and private information. One of them, without a doubt, isWhatsapp, which is where most of our conversations with other people are staying. For this reason, the company of Mark Zuckerberg has integrated into the application the system of protection of conversations through thefingerprint. Before accessing the application, to demonstrate that it is we who are trying to do so, we will have to go through the biometric analysis only and exclusively for this app. But how is the WhatsApp fingerprint lock activated?

How to block WhatsApp chats with a fingerprint, protect your conversations

The only thing you have to do is open WhatsApp on a regular basis, and within the application press in the upper right corner on the button with three points in vertical orientation. Now click on the buttonSettings and then we will have to go to the section ofAccount. The next step is to open the Privacy section, and here we will see at the bottom, as last option, that ofFingerprint lock, which should appear as ‘Disabled’. Press, and then its corresponding options and settings will open.

The first thing is to activate the function, for which we will already need to use the fingerprint system. When activated it will display the available options that allow us to apply theautomatic lock immediately, one minute or even half an hour after the application has been closed. On the other hand, we can also adjust that notifications show their content, or not, when the application is locked through the fingerprint.

All this depends on what level of privacy and security we want exactly, and in any case they are parameters that we can modify manually, following the same procedure, at any time. If the mobile was already configured with fingerprint lock, we will have to use it to unlock the device but also, once again, to open the instant messenger application for any task.

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