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How to activate the dark mode in Android 10 and take advantage of its benefits

Will there be something more unpleasant for your partner to turn on your cell phone at midnight and open an application with a completely white background? That blast of bright white can be really annoying. And although design trends are moving towards greater use of white space and Google has been one of the drivers, fortunately the company listened to its users and incorporated a dark mode in Android 10.

In recent years, we have also become more aware of the potential damage that screens cause to our eyes and how blue light can interrupt sleep. The dark mode in Android 10 will not only help you take care of your eyes, but it can also prolong the useful life of the battery.

Google had incorporated a dark theme in Android 9.0 Pie, but only changed the background of the notification tone and the application box, without affecting the settings and programs. The dark mode in Android 10 acts throughout the system and in Digital Trends we are testing it.

How to activate the dark mode on Android 10

Activating the dark mode on Android 10 is very easy. This is how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings> Display> Dark theme and activate it.

If your phone has Android 9.0 Pie, you will have a preview of the dark mode, but remember that most of the programs still have white backgrounds. Dark mode only affects notifications and the application drawer. To take full advantage of it, you have to upgrade to Android 10, but for now only a select group of phones are eligible.

When you activate the dark mode on Android 10, the interface of some applications compatible with this mode will also be affected. The initial list was quite small, but it is growing rapidly. In addition to the notification tone and the application drawer, it changes the funds of all configuration months and also applications such as Phone, Contacts, Google Photos, Chrome, Google Feed, YouTube, Google Fit, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Pay , among other.

We hope that more software developers are working to be compatible with the dark mode on Android 10. Ideally, they will be able to create their own dark themes, Google is offering the “Force Dark” option for developers, which automatically converts light backgrounds into darker tones .

How to disable dark mode on Android 10

Like turning it on, turning off the dark mode is very easy. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings> Screen and deactivate Dark theme.

What function does it have and what will probably be much more practical? An alternative to program the dark mode, as is currently the case with the Wind Down function, which turns the screen black and white and activates the Do not disturb mode when you go to sleep.

Dark mode saves battery?

During a session in Google I / O this idea is approached that the dark mode extends the life of the battery, particularly when it comes to OLED screens.

When pixels are illuminated individually, as with OLED screens, dark pixels are turned off and, therefore, dark backgrounds use less battery.

According to the day of Google I / O, the dark theme of Android 10 can reduce battery consumption in some applications by up to 60 percent. It is an important improvement. The dark theme is a standard part of the battery saving mode due to this potential.

If you cannot install Android 10 at this time, check our guide to know when your phone receives this new operating system.

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