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How to activate Google Chrome reading mode on Android

Google Chrome

We may visit some web pages that have large amounts of text using Google Chrome on our phone. In that case, it is important to have a way that is comfortable for us, that allows us to read this text. There is a function available in the popular browser on Android, which is the read mode. Thanks to this mode it is more comfortable to read this type of pages.

Therefore, for many users who use Google Chrome on Android, activating this reading mode is of some interest. Then we tell you how we can activate this function on the phone. The steps to follow in this case are very simple.

We'll have to open Google Chrome on the phone first. Next we have to enter the address chrome: // flags in the top bar. This opens the menu of experimental functions of the browser, where we find a small search engine. We use this search engine to search for this function, using the term reader.

The function in question is called Reader Mode Triggering, which we will have to activate in this case. To do this we put this function with the Enabled option, which is in the context menu above it. In this way this function will be activated, then we restart the browser. Although in some cases it allows us to configure when we want to use this way, among several options.

These steps have already allowed us activate read mode in Google Chrome. We will be shown at the top the possibility of activating it at all times, when we are on a website that has a lot of text, for example. The good thing is that we can activate it whenever we want, using that button, we will not have to repeat this process.

Reading mode is something that has been making a dent in Android, layers like Huawei have a reading mode. Now we find a different one in Google Chrome, which allows you to read web pages where there is a lot of text in a much more comfortable way. Have you ever used this mode?

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