How to activate Gmail dark mode for Android

How to activate Gmail dark mode for Android

Yes, we still cannot activate the dark mode. But in the last update of Gmail apart from the possibility of changing Gmail account by sliding your finger from the top right of the screen, another interesting option has also been added and that allows us to see a bit like being the dark mode of Gmail Although perhaps less than we would like.

Dark mode for the Gmail widget

If your phone is running Android Pie and you have the dark theme of the operating system activated, maybe you can see Gmail in dark mode, that is, only in its widget.

First of all you will have to activate the dark mode. In each phone is different, but not change much. You should go toScreen,there we will lookTheme and we will selectDark.

Gmail dark mode

Once activated we will have to install the new version of Gmail, we can do it from the Play Store or if you do not want to wait for the update to arrive you can do it from APK Mirror. Don't worry, installing the new version from APK does not interrupt your future updates from the Play Store.

Once we have all this ready we will have to add the Gmail widget on our screen, that is, the display of last emails received on the main screen. If you are not very familiar with widgets, we will show you how to put it. Again in each phone works differently, but more or less in all works similar. You will have to press and hold in a hollow place on the main screen, and we will select WidgetsThere we will see the widgets of all the applications that we have installed in our phone and that offer this type of option.

We will searchGmailand we will find two options.Gmail tagYGmailWe will select the latter. We will also have to press and hold on it until we see ourdesk.We will look for the screen where we want to put it (if you keep the widget on the edge you will create a new screen in case you don't have it) and place it where you want.

Gmail dark mode widget

And when we put it we will see that it is in dark mode. But anyway when we enter the application, even from the widget, appear with the normal white theme.

We will have to wait a little longer to see the dark mode of Gmail completely and well integrated, but we intuit that it will not take long to arrive.

What do you think? Will we see it shortly?