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How the revolutionary cloud phone can help your company

We live in a constantly changing world, which it develops at a frantic pace. The new technologies that have emerged over the past few years have provided us with useful and very different tools, but not everyone has benefited.

If we want our company to move forward we must adapt to new services and technologies, since many of them can greatly benefit their development. Knowing how to change with the new times can differentiate good companies from not-so-good ones.

A new system in which everything is in the cloud

Any type of company, be it a fashion store or a hotel, You must be in constant contact with your customers, to meet your demands and solve all the problems that may arise. In addition, we must bear in mind that there are different ways to communicate, and that knowing how to exploit them can be a great advantage. We live in a world connected by social networks, so having a good presence in them can give a very good image.

Hotel reception

However, we cannot forget lifelong contact methods such as the phone, which they are still the simplest and most useful. In the end, when a client has a problem, or has to carry out an important task, he will do so by phone.

NFON offers us a service that gives a twist to the usual telephone communication, which can revolutionize the way in which companies and customers contact. The key is in the phone in the cloud. But, what is that in the cloud phone? What's so special?

We talk about a new system that does not depend on physical switchboards, which is a great saving for those who hire him. Instead, everything you need is in the cloud, without the need to make significant investments in hardware, depending solely on the internet connection. In addition, there are specialized services for different types of companies.

A service designed for the hospitality industry

Hotel reception
Going back to the example I set before, the one in the hotel, we can find concrete options like the NFON solution of Nhospitality. We refer to a service that is in charge of digitizing an industry of such importance as the hospitality industry, which plays a fundamental role in countries such as Spain. How does it do it? Integrating with established systems and offering new solutions.

One of its first positive points is the fact that a large investment is not required to start enjoying this service, since it does not have any type of physical installation. Ensures the optimization of operating costs through predictable monthly rates. With the perfect integration with the hotel's operational management system (PMS), it ensures a mobile, simple and efficient service management, such as fast response times among hotel employees.

In addition, effective communication with customers is facilitated, ensuring more satisfied customers. And that's not all, we can't forget to mention the excellent voice quality, access to the virtual switchboard from anywhere, free calls between NFON clients and a large number of functionalities only present in high-end services.

As you can see, know how to react to market changes and adapt quickly and properly can bring many benefits to a company. After all, it is an organism that is related to its environment, and the more optimal this relationship is, the better results will be obtained.

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