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How many computers are needed for an effective DDoS attack?


This is a question that could be asked by someone who is just getting started in security. DDoS attacks are something that almost every web service we can find on the web suffers. It is a scourge from which we must prevent ourselves, because if not, it can keep our site down for hours and even days.

The DDos attack, also known as a denial of service attack, is accomplished by saturating the server using a web service. If you saturate it, either reaching the maximum bandwidth, or overloading the rest of the computer resources, you can make the web inaccessible to other users -and for those who are carrying out the attack, of course-.

There are tools that allow you to block DDoS attacks, but in general they annoy the user, although it is an essential measure that many websites should take, because not only do you prevent them from attacking you, but you also help the attack does not affect other sites that are hosted on the same server as your web page, in case of course we talk about a hosting or virtual server.

But how many computers do we need?

We will need between 250 and 500 computers to be able to make an effective DDoS attack, more or less depending on the place we want to knock down. Obviously, most of the time computers are used zombies that are infected by Trojans, because it is much cheaper than having 500 pcs in our house. By infecting computers we avoid the need to have a necessary infrastructure, something that will save us thousands of euros.

But it doesn't have to be a computer zombie, and is that it could also be any device that connects to the Internet, as if it is a toaster or a light bulb. Moreover, one of the biggest DDoS attacks in Internet history was caused by thousands and thousands of light bulbs. zombies, so that they managed to knock down services such as Twitter, Spotify or Whatsapp simultaneously.

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