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Head To Head Racing – No Ads – Born to be wild!

Do you like the smell of gasoline, burnt rubber and hot asphalt? I am sure that all of you, fantastic motor sports, you know what I am talking about. Whether Nascar or Formula 1, there is little that can beat race cars at high speed. Now at last, you can accelerate your engines directly from your Android phone.

Head To Head Racing – No Ads is the name of the game that brings the thrill of motor sports to your Android. Get more information on this analysis!

Functions & Use

Fans of motorsports have the main activity of driving their cars from their Android device. Heat To Head Racing Full may not be as exciting as for example Need For Speed, but still offers some very attractive features.

In this game you don't compete with a computer, but against other players like t!

In professional career mode you compete against real players from all over the world. The winner wins the loser's car. So you have to win a few races to win and release new cars.

You start with a scooter trying to accumulate all the points you can. Slowly but surely you are releasing and getting better vehicles. There are a total of 8 different cars available. The final goal is to free the Formula 1 race cars. The roads will also vary depending on the times you have won. You can drive on original Formula 1 roads in Malaysia, China, Spain and Brazil. They are all ah! There are a total of 32 different roads to try.

By using the Race a Friend feature (compete with a friend) you can select a friend to compete with. All your friends need is an Android phone and an Internet connection. When one player passes the finish line, the other player is notified by e-mail. The winner is the one who gets the best time.

I don't understand why this function has been organized so badly. It will be much better to compete with a friend in real time. It will make this game definitely more tempting. You can also play with 2 players on one device. Each player has his turn and then the times are compared. Again, it would have been preferable to be able to compete against each other through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Unfortunately, Head To Head Racing Full does not have this option.

Pressing the menu button on the main menu allows you to create your own nickname and a comment. All online players you can compete against will know you by that nickname and comment.

Conclusion: I wish I had more functions. Competing with Bluetooth or WiFi would have been a great improvement. All I can say: Head To Head Racing – No Ads It is the perfect game to pass the time!

Screen & Controls

The graph of Head To Head Racing – No Ads It reminds me of the times of Sper Nintendo and Sper Mario Bros. They definitely could have created better graphics but all Nintendo fans love it.

There are two buttons located on the screen during the race. With the help of a magnifying glass you can zoom the road.

Once you have released some cars, you will see a boost icon on your screen. Pressing it gives you a short but intense acceleration. The controls are the most interesting of the game. The game uses the motion sensors integrated in the phone to control the direction of the vehicle. No need for additional buttons. It's about playing as intuitive and easy as with the Wii.

Speed ​​& Stability

Delays? Do not! Cadas? Do not! Head To Head Racing – No Ads It is extremely trustworthy!

Price / Efficiency

Head To Head Racing – No Ads It can be downloaded for $ 1.99 at Android Market. Before buying it, you can try the lite version.

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