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Grammarly is a perfect keyboard app to learn English

Typing in Grammarly

We would like that Grammarly was in Spanish, but for now it is in English and therefore, it becomes a more than special tool for all those who are learning the language or simply want to enrich their level.

It's hard for us to think about changing that SwiftKey or Gboard to another keyboard app on our mobile We have already tried a lot and we always return to it, but Grammarly's experience makes it unique, so for some users it may be the perfect one for everything said.

Updating that is gerund

Grammarly has been updated to bring with it a feature that is sure to be very striking. As you type with your mobile, the app will begin to suggest synonyms for the words you typed. That is if you want to pass that amazing and with which you already have boring those chat groups, Grammarly will be in charge of recommending you some synonyms that will come in handy to enrich your vocabulary.

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<p>That is, even Grammarly will suggest similar words such<strong> as you type automatically</strong> so that it does not involve any effort to look for another word that you have not repeated several times in the same sentence. Come on, that's just great!</p>
<p>The function will appear just when<strong> you have typed a word and have paused</strong>. It does not happen as with the new function of the responses by mail of Gmail, in which it almost changes the word completely so that you can respond quickly. Here you can control what is written and if the suggestion suits you, then use it.</p>
<p>You can even click on another word already written for Grammarly to suggest more synonyms <strong>and so you look like William Shakespeare himself</strong> with a vocabulary more than assortment and with which you can surprise even your own and strangers.</p>
<h2><span id=How to activate ?Synonyms? in Grammarly

This option can be deactivated at any time. if you see that it bothers you more than anything else. Although said, for those who are looking for tools that help them improve their English is a more than perfect application. Go for it:

  • You go to the app settings.
  • You look for the ?Synonyms? option and activate it.
  • It will begin to suggest you synonymous with all the words you type.

Grammarly's main reason

Grammarly was not born yesterday, but has been with us for some time. Really based in a keyboard app dedicated to writing improvement of those who use a keyboard on their mobile. It is characterized by:

  • Sophisticated grammar reviewer.
  • Review the phrases by context to look for errors.
  • Advanced correction of punctuation.
  • Improvements in vocabulary.


It doesn't just stay here, but it gives detailed explanations of each correction that applies and so you understand better where you erred and what mistake you should not make in the future. Come on, he is almost a teacher who will be in charge of improving your English as you use it.

What we stay with the desire that there is no Spanish version, since it would be impossible for us to be able to correct, although if we look at how we write in WhatsApp chats with the rush and these new customs, we would spend all the time correcting until we had to deactivate it.

Be that as it may, it would be worth us for those important emails for work and more elegant and serious communication when we needed it. That said, if you are learning English, Grammarly Keyboard is a very excellent app to improve your vocabulary and correct the mistakes you have in grammar.

Grammarly Keyboard is available for free from the Google Play Store so that from today you begin to enrich your English vocabulary and so the next day you speak in English you will notice improvement in your progress in the study of the language. Essential for all types of students.

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