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Google will no longer manufacture its smart phones in China

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

The economic war between the United States and China US manufacturers operating within the Chinese wall have been somewhat expensive. This is because the American nation has been applying sanctions to that country, by way of reactions to some of the policies taken by the Xi Jinping government, and vice versa

Companies like Apple have been affected, so they have planned to manufacture some or all of their products in other countries, and this is something to which Google It could be added with your Pixel smartphones, according to the new report that has emerged recently.

Apparently, Google and an unidentified partner are already working on the adaptation of an old Nokia factory in the province of Bac Ninh in northern Vietnam, to be able to manufacture Pixel phones. Anonymous sources claim that part of Pixel 3a's production will already be moved to the Vietnam plant later this year. It is possible that not all Pixel models are manufactured there from the beginning, but this is something that remains to be seen. The company has not yet announced anything officially. Therefore, this occurs more as a plan than as something that will happen yes or yes.

Even so, we would not be surprised if this project is completed. This will become something beneficial in the short term for the Mountain View firm, as will help prevent the problems between China and the United States from splashing.

“Google is likely to maintain some activities within China. The American company knows that if hardware manufacturing is to be taken seriously, it could never give up the massive Chinese market. However, they also understand that, due to increased costs and the macro environment, they need to have long-term production outside of China to support their hardware manufacturing, ”said the anonymous source.

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