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Google Play better control apps that are uploaded in the store

Google Play

Publishing applications on Google Play is not complicated, as we show you in your day. This allows all types of developers to upload their applications in the store for Android. This is something that has its positive side and its negative side, as there are too many applications of doubtful quality in the store. Therefore, we are now working on new measures.

Some time ago the policies of publication in the store were renewed, but now they come with new measures. Since Google Play will introduce some additional controls about the applications that will be uploaded in the store. A review to prevent some apps from being published.

Until now, the process of publishing an application on Google Play was automatic. After completion, it was a few minutes before that application was already available in the store. Now this is going to change, since the process could take up to three days, so that the application can be reviewed.

Google Play

This review focuses on determine if the application has an acceptable quality and is in a position to be published in the store. So we can see it as a filter, which in some cases could help certain applications never get published in the store.

It's a change of importance in Google Play, where they are too flexible with the applications that are uploaded. This is something that they have been trying to change for a while, with mixed results. So it is possible that this new strategy will help prevent poor quality applications from being uploaded to the store.

It is not something that is happening with all applications, although some developers who were going to upload their applications to Google Play have seen how they have had to wait. Because, it is probably a test, but that in a few months it becomes a routine for the application store. We hope there will be more news in this regard soon.

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