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Google changes the way you rate all apps in the Play Store

One of the most intuitive ways to decide whether or not to install an application when browsing the Google Play Store is to look at its score, the stars it has based on the comments of the users themselves.

The problem is that this assessment is usually very influenced by certain moments and, in applications that have been in the store for a long time, this does not always show the current status of it.

That is why Google has decided to change the way in which the appraisal of the applications is calculated, something that we will begin to see from August of this year.

The most current scores will be used

Although no concrete figures have been given, through an entry in the official Android development blog, the company has confirmed that from now on only the recent app valuations will be used, so that the scores are much more variable and show the current status of an app, not the historical one.

The developers will be able to see what the new score will be but users will not have access to this until summer.

Automatic responses

Another improvement related to the scores are the new automatic responses, which will be generated in the developer panel in case you want to use them to respond to user comments. These answers will be contextual and will vary depending on each review.

To these options are added others that will allow a better decision making based on the parameters that we have in the development console, better updates of the applications (lighter and faster), more possibilities of internal tests before launching an update and much plus.

All these news will gradually reach the more than 2,500 million Android devices that are in the more than 190 markets in which the Google system is present.

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