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Google begins to deploy the new RCS messenger technology

Already has enough
time that was talked about creating an alternative to normal text messages
We send using the mobile network of our devices. Within this
Google worked project and of course the different mobile operators.

Specifically, what we wanted to achieve is a platform that succeeded the SMS and was a kind of WhatsApp or Telegram, but with the difference that to use it will not be necessary to install extra applications and will continue to run on the mobile network. The possibility of sending text, images and video up to 10 MB is possible with RCS technology.

In 2018 this technology
it was achieved and it was only necessary for mobile operators to rush to
deploy it, which did not happen and therefore Google now takes the project in
his hands bringing it for the next month in the regions of France and Kingdom
United. To use RCS users of an Android device will only have
You place Google as your service provider.

The only drawback that remains is the lack of encryption in the messages about which they mentioned in an interview with The Verge:

We believe that communications, especially the messenger, are very personal and users have the right to be private. We are fully committed to finding a solution for our users.

Now we just have to wait for them to solve this and deploy to other regions of the globe. Tell me what do you think of this technology to replace the SMS? He comes late? We read in the comment box.

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