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Google Assistant lets you create reminders for others

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Google Assistant is being one of the protagonists these weeks, obtaining a multitude of new functions. A week ago, the possibility of reading WhatsApp messages or other messaging apps was introduced. The application now allows us a new function that will be of great interest. Since we can create reminders for other people.

It is launched thinking about those users who have a Google Home at home, which is used by several people. With this function, a person will be able to use Google Assistant to create a reminder for another of the people who use this device. It can be very comfortable in this case.

This function is already introduced in Google Assistant in English, although at the moment it cannot be used in Spanish. It is expected that it will be a reality soon, but it will surely take a few months to arrive. We will have to ask the assistant to remind another person (saying his name) to do a certain action at a specific time.

Google Assistant

In addition, these commands will be allowed are also activated depending on the location of said person. So they can be used in a very precise way, such that it only works if that person is at home, for example. They are details designed for a better use of this function.

Especially in the case that Google Assistant is used with a display device You can have even better use. So those users with signature devices can take advantage of this function. At the moment it has no release date in other languages, apart from English.

Everything suggests that if we want to use it in Google Assistant in Spanish, let's have to wait a while. But it promises to be a feature that allows better use of the popular assistant. We hope to hear about its launch officially. What do you think of this function?

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