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Google and Dell team up for a platform for professionals and businesses

dell google unified workspace officeIn mid-2019, Dell launched its Unified Workspace platform, designed to provide a frustration-free experience. In addition, it unifies its offerings of managed hardware, software and services, which can help simplify the administration and security of the devices throughout their life cycles and facilitate more effective work.

With the introduction of new devices, the company also announced new capabilities and services for Unified Workspace, including a partnership with Google to introduce the world's first Latitude Chromebook Enterprise platform.

With the revelation of two Latitude line devices, Dell is fully adopting the new Google Chrome Enterprise business-centric initiative by bringing the Chrome OS operating system to its line of laptops.

That means that companies, regardless of size, now have the option to implement Chrome devices in their global workforce. And information technology (IT) can be deployed with the same level of security and management capacity as necessary in a corporate environment.

"IT administrators want to give users options when it comes to operating systems and devices, and when and where the work is done, but they struggle with the growing number of unmanaged devices in their environments," said Jay Parker, president, Customer product group at Dell.

By adding Chrome to the Dell Technologies unified workspace, we give IT the power to deliver a consistent and secure experience for everyone, regardless of the operating system they choose. And best of all, users get the flexibility to choose their devices and use those that suit their needs, ”complement.

Today, more organizations are moving to the cloud and workers want more options on devices and operating systems, without sacrificing power and configuration capacity, the company said, in time to signal the launch of two new Dell Latitude Chromebook laptops. Enterprise, which promises to be the most powerful and configurable Chromebook Enterprise devices, on the scale that large organizations need.

If you are interested in learning more about these two new devices, you can review our article on Dell's new Chromebook Latitude 5400 and 5300 with Chrome OS, Latitude line laptops specifically designed for professionals and businesses.

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