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Get a free Android payment application every day with myAppFree

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<p>Surely you love it like us <strong>test applications daily or when time permits</strong>. You probably get more attention <strong>those that are paid</strong> and then you choose to wait for a discount or an interesting promotion. <strong>Of course, if it's free, then better yet</strong>.</p><div class=

Because with myAppFree it is possible to get a paid app for free every day. It is not something new, since it has been used for some time in Windows devices. In fact, in WinPhone metro we have commented on numerous occasions apps payment that can be obtained through myAppFree, such as: MovieMaker 8.1, VinVid or some fun game like The Last Door.

But don't worry if you don't have a device with Windows operating system, because this same concept and application is now offered on Android.

Why are free applications offered?

Be part of the agreements that get from myAppFree With the various companies. On numerous occasions application programmers choose to reduce prices to obtain more income or publicize your products, and what better way to promote yourself than to offer those applications for free, even if it is limited in time.

And this is what the developers manage to position their product and we benefit. Keep in mind that hundreds of applications are published every day on the market, and it's quite difficult stand out with so much competition, even more if the app in question is paid.

Download a payment application every day

This is the philosophy, so nothing as simple as downloading the application from Google Play (occupies only 6.85 MB) to start using it. Each day you will have one payment application to test it no matter what its price.

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<h3>What do we find in myAppFree?</h3>
<p>When we first enter myAppFree we can differentiate <strong>three eyelashes</strong>. In <strong>Today</strong> can you see her <strong>free application of the day</strong>, and you will realize how it is different and is changing, also a timer appears to indicate the hours and minutes you have to get it.</p>
<p>In the following tab, <strong>Featured</strong>, you access the <strong>most interesting offers</strong>For example, an application that was priced at 3.99 on Google Play happens to cost 0.99 without you noticing. It may be time to give it a try.</p>
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