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Free applications that were previously paid, download the best offers

Today is a special day for Android lovers as Google celebrates its key date: the Google I / O. We will attend numerous developments in Android and also in applications or hardware, but that will be in the afternoon: now we will focus on another event, that of the payment applications at zero euros. It doesn't seem so important, but it sure saves you a lot of money in apps and quality games. That never hurts.

All the offers selected in this article had the discount marked as of the date of publication. How are punctual discounts these are likely to vary; So we always recommend hurrying: the sooner you go to Google Play, the more chances you have of getting the apps downgraded.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

We know you didn't have enough apps and games, so we've continued diving on Google Play until you find other worthwhile offers. You will have to loosen money for them, but much less than they usually do: they deserve the download.

Twilight Pro Unlock

This is an application whose purpose is to relax your eyes, avoid fatigue and favor sleep. For this it uses filters that can be customized; getting that look at the mobile or tablet at night is something more pleasant. It has a discount of 48%. And it is useful if your mobile does not have a blue light filter or night mode by default.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

An extraordinary board game turned into a mobile application with which you will spend hours of fun. Moved perfectly from the board game and with the inconvenience of English; although with a 84% discount.


A great puzzle game Futuristic aesthetic and with a spectacular soundtrack. Assemble the pieces along all levels seasoned with great visual effects. It is worth it, you have it for only 0.99 euros (73% discount).

The quest

This extraordinary classic role-playing game offers a good amount of hours of gameplay with hand-drawn graphics. It is a very good choice for fans of the genre, especially with the discounted price of the game and its expansion: 50% less.

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