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Focus Mode, the brand new Android 10 tool to avoid distractions

Are you people who quickly get stuck on YouTube watching a video behind another on your phone? Or do you quickly find out what you are doing to see Instagram on your smartphone?

If so,
Google's new operating system, Android 10 (formerly called Android Q), comes with a tool that can help you. Either because you need to be focused on a task or you simply want to control your addiction to certain applications, perhaps it is convenient to know it.

It's called Focus Mode (or "mode without distractions") and its function is, as it derives from its name, to deactivate those applications that distract you the most.

How Focus Mode works

Basically, what Focus Mode does is apply a timer that prevents access to certain applications for a period of time, which helps you stay focused.

When Focus Mode is activated, the applications cannot be used and, therefore, your notifications do not reach us. If an application is disabled, the icon appears in gray, with the idea of ​​making the screen less attractive; that is, less susceptible to distraction.

You can choose which applications you want to temporarily disable and also at what time you want to activate them again.

How to activate it

The "distraction-free mode" will be available in Google's Digital Wellbeing application, which gives you information on how long you use your device, and how much time you spend on each of the applications you have installed.

If you still don't have Android 10 (available from Pixel phones yesterday), you can still install a beta version of the application and use Focus Mode.

These are the steps that you have to follow:

In the box on the right, select each application you want to temporarily deactivate. Applications are initially deployed based on how much time you spend on them, so the ones that appear above are probably the ones that distract you the most.

Return to Focus Mode to enable and disable pause.

When one of your applications is deactivated, when you try to open it, a box will be displayed to let you know that Focus Mode is activated.

Now, if you are an Android user, you will no longer have an excuse to stop being distracted by your phone's applications.


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