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Find the mobile that you considered lost thanks to this application

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<p><strong>The vast majority of people who have a mobile device have lost it at some time in their life.</strong> The causes are so different how steals, leave it forgotten somewhere, or just have it in the car and not remember where we left it. <strong>For all those who have their heads constantly on another site and leave the mobile on any site, Google has the perfect application.</strong></p><div class=

Google Device Manager is responsible for having our mobile device always located. In addition, it gives us security options against theft and loss. But first of all it is to explain its operation, and it is that entering this application from another device, either a tablet or our personal computer, and using the email registered on the tablet We can know its exact location in just a few seconds.

First of all we will install Google Device Manager if we have not already installed it and Then we must open it and enter the email and its corresponding password. At this time we will be within the application and we can select any of the devices associated with that account that we have lost for any reason.

Google, in this application allows us only three options to recover our device, But we already know that everything the search engine does for users is simple at the same time as cash. On this occasion the options will be three: sound, block and erase. In addition, add a map with GPS location of the exact point of our mobile.

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<p>If we click on sounding, <strong>The device we didn't find will start ringing and until we find it, it won't stop ringing,</strong> This option is effective when we have lost it at home, or even when we enter the site where we lost the mobile, we will ring it to take less time to find it.</p>
<p>The second option is the most complete of all, <strong>If we block the terminal, we will not only make it unusable by password to anyone who finds the phone.</strong> We can also add our personal information and a number so that the person who finds our phone will find it easier to locate us.</p>
<p><strong>The only but we found it to see that it is relatively easy to format the terminal with this option,</strong> and is that anyone who knows how to enter the recovery to install a clean ROM will have it very simple to leave the factory and lose track forever.</p>
<p>The last option is the most aggressive of all, <strong>if we think that we will never recover the terminal, the option to erase everything completely leaves the factory,</strong> deleting all our photos, applications, etc. Which can be recovered if everything has been a false alarm. Personally I have never had to use this option, but <strong>If we believe that we will never recover the mobile, it is the best option we should use.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Google Play |</strong> Android Device Manager (Free)</p>
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