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Fast but scarce: this is the current Verizon 5G network in Chicago

We have been listening to the 5G concept for a long time. And if it seems to you that it is something of the future, for others it is a reality. Mobile operators insist that the technology has arrived and it is true, although they still have a long way to go.

We tested the incipient Verizon 5G network. It was the first time and, although he had already heard of all its advantages, he had not experienced his promises in his own flesh. And I must say that I was truly surprised.

Together with a Verizon representative, I walked the streets of Chicago, Illinois, looking for nodes that offered the 5G network. The operator has a dozen of them at various strategic points in the center. Armed with two Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, we were able to test its speed. And the truth is that the times were amazing.

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If you still don't know what its qualities are, you can read our explanatory article with luxuries of detail. In essence, the 5G network allows you to view and download online content much faster than the current 4G LTE network.

We did several tests of download times of chapters of the last season of Orange Is the New Black Netflix, each of which lasts about an hour.

Located under a Verizon 5G node in an area without very tall buildings in the center, an episode takes no more than 6 seconds to download. However, when we moved away half a block from the node, the time increased to 45 seconds.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago I had tried to download an episode of this same series on the 4G LTE network of my phone, five minutes before the plane I was taking off took off. Sadly, that didn't happen and I couldn't see it while flying. The difference is simply abysmal. Being on the 5G network also means that you can play online videos immediately and without any low resolution or pauses.

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The big challenge for now is to develop the infrastructure. We could notice that, depending on the geographical location where the node was located, the speeds changed. The download speeds in the densest area were 1,300 Mbps while in the less dense they reached 1,700 Mbps. In the current 4G network, the average speeds are between 600 and 800 Mbps.

In addition, to cover all areas, operators will have to install hundreds of nodes in order to sell their product. In my opinion, it is not worth buying a phone with 5G if you can only access the network in a dozen blocks in the city where you live. The Note 10 Plus 5G costs between $ 200 and $ 300 dollars more than its brothers without 5G.

In the tests, the 5G network worked quite well, although at present it is in a phase similar to that of foldable phones: it is so novel that the benefit we can get in the day is still very limited.

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