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Expenses makes it simple to control your expenses for free

Android Expenses

Expenses gets in the cart of the category of apps for cost control when we have a lot of them. But, perhaps, you should try it, because it has a little something that another that can attract you and already, also, you are tired of the one that has been with you for years.

We talk about an app that is characterized by its simplicity and that He doesn't want to mess with all kinds of functions and characteristics. Come on, that goes directly to the basic control of your finances so that it becomes a companion, rather than a daily nuisance as it happens with other apps.

An app to take your finances and that is open source

The first thing that catches the attention of Expenses: Simple Tracker is to be open source. Open Source means that it is totally free and that you have your source code on GitHub so you can keep an eye on it, as long as you know programming. Whoever is in the fashion repository also leads us to think that we can trust her, since she doesn't hide anywhere, she shows herself as she is.


From that maxim and knowing that it has no advertising and that all its content is there for free, we can begin to tap it to realize that its interface, although minimal, is very modern and that It has those characteristics that we understand as basic in order to keep track of our expenses daily.

Being open source and free means that you don't depend on an internet connection and that you can work with it offline. Either to know what you spend your savings on, or simply why you want to keep track of your daily expenses. With that said, we have already earned our confidence to enter the rest of their functions to see if it convinces us to stay with us and try it.

Control your expenses by labels

Expenses Expenses

Apart from all that has been said, Expenses can be referred to as the app for managing your expenses by labels. That is, we will control our expenses by labels. Yes, those that we see in I don't know how many places and that serve us to segment all kinds of content such as expenses: personal, hygiene, food, clothing, house, car rental and many more …

Thanks to those tags we can filter the expenses and so also know for time what we have paid in electricity in 3 months or how many euros we have left in the supermarket with food. Some of its other features are its currencies with more than 100 available and its ability to export data in Excel; something that is appreciated for those who need it and are hooked on the damn boards (XD).

Touching the app

Now let's give a lime. Not in Spanish, but as it is so simple, you will not need anything more than to change the currency to the Euro and start creating your own labels in Spanish. Otherwise you will not notice the difference and the need to be in Spanish. That is important, of course, but time to time.


When you launch the app you will find a main screen from which you can filter the expenses and add new. It is important that when you add the first expense you label it. For example, we add Chromecast and put "Technology." If we make the purchase, then food … So, when you want to filter by dates the expenses you can do it by type and thus you will have a very simple app of its use.

And there is no more. What we do miss is that there is no possibility of create a filter with the personalized date for expenses. That is, we put a start of date and end and tell us what was spent. There are a series of default dates already preset, but that prevent us from customizing.

For the rest, a interesting app for cost control and that serves nothing more than that. We think it is the best of Expenses as a new app that will surely be installed in the internal memory of your mobile. We leave you with a series of apps to control expenses.

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