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Emmaljunga NXT90e: presented a baby stroller with electric motor

Emmaljunga baby carriage with electric motor

There are electric planes, electric trucks, cars, bikes, skateboards and electric skates. Why not also an electric baby carriage?
That's what Bosch engineers thought when creating the eStroller.

It has two electric motors and a double function: reduce the effort required to get a baby to pass, especially on a climb, and automatically lock the stroller to prevent it from moving on a slope.

The stroller has an approximate autonomy of 15 kilometers, and a USB port to use that energy to recharge another device. The battery, in addition, can be replaced by another if we do not charge it. A Bluetooth link between the phone and the stroller alerts when they move further than expected.

However, it is priceless: to reach the market at the end of this year or early next
next to the Swedish firm Emmaljunga, according to reports
Engadget The company announced it publicly in 2018, but it still did not put it up for sale.



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