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Echo Show 2 vs Echo Show 5: what smart screen is for you?

Thanks to smart screens we can interact visually with voice assistants. With devices such as the Echo Show we can ask Alexa to show us things, in addition to the information it provides through audio. Amazon recently released an extremely affordable version of its smart screen with Alexa, the Echo Show, but how do the versions compare? What suits you? In this confrontation Echo Show 2 vs Echo Show 5, we analyze the similarities and differences between the two smart screens.


echo show 2 vs 5 768x768

The second generation Echo Show measures 24.6 centimeters wide, 17.5 high and 10.5 deep at the base. It has a 10.1-inch screen, comparable to many large tablets and enough to watch movies or TV shows when you're nearby. This larger screen is also ideal to gather around it and make family video calls to loved ones who are far away or to watch recipes from the other side of the kitchen.

The Echo Show 5 is much smaller than Show 2. Its measurements are 14.7 centimeters wide, 8.6 high and 7.3 deep at the base. Its screen is 5.5 inches; the same size as an iPhone 8 Plus. Unless you're directly in front of Show 5, the screen will probably be too small to enjoy a movie, and, unless you have superhero vision, you'll have to be relatively close to read the lyrics of a song or your favorite recipe.


echo show 2 vs 5 amazon review 29709 768x768Rich Shibley / Digital Trends

Apart from size, Show 2 and Show 5 are similar. Both devices have rectangular screens, a thick base and a thinner upper portion that creates a triangular body. Both Show 2 and Show 5 come in two color options to fit the decoration of your home: carbon or sandstone. However, the small size of Show 5 makes this device go more unnoticed. You can easily put Show 5 on a bur or a small table and not get much attention.


The quality of the image and sound of the second generation Echo Show is superior to that of the Show 5. The screen resolution of the Show 2 is 1280 x 800 and has a 5 MP camera. In terms of audio, it has two 10-watt controllers with a horn with passive radiator with Dolby processing for better bass sound.

The screen resolution of the Show 5 is 960 x 480 and has a 1 MP camera. The difference in image quality is somewhat visible, although it is not as dramatic as the difference in sound quality. Instead of the intense bass and sharp tones you get with Show 2, Show 5 offers a very basic sound through a single 4-watt speaker.


echo show 2 vs 5 amazon review 768x768Terry Walsh / Digital Trends

The second generation show includes a Zigbee hub, which eliminates the need for a smart home hub or center to control Zigbee-compatible devices or certain devices that require a separate hub to operate. The presence of the Zigbee hub can help you to make some of your smart devices work better paired with each other, and features such as Local Voice Control allow you to even control smart home devices (such as lights and switches) offline. Show 5 does not include a hub, but allows you to control Alexa-compatible smart devices as you will with any other Echo device (such as an Echo Dot).

Privacy is usually a source of concern when using smart screens, simply because they are devices operated with voice assistants with cameras and microphones that listen for commands. The Echo Show 2 has a button that deactivates the camera and the microphone electronically, while the Show 5 has a sliding button that you can use to physically cover the camera, in addition to a button that turns off the microphone and the camera.


Show 2 is superior to Show 5, which may sound contradictory if we take into account that the most recent model is lower than the oldest model. However, Show 5 also has a much lower price. The Echo Show 2 costs $ 230 dollars, while the Echo Show 5 costs less than half of that, only $ 90 dollars. We have already seen this with other devices, such as phones. Do you remember the iPhone 5c? And how about the iPhone XR?

Despite being more recent, Show 5 is not an improved version of Show 2, but a version designed for a different market. It is for those who are not interested in paying for the best sound quality, the best image or the highest-end device. It is for those who simply want a device that does what it has to do, without major luxuries. If you identify with this, Show 5 is an excellent option for you. However, if size, sound and image matter to you, Echo Show 2 is yours.

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