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Download apps and games from Play Store for a monthly fee

The Google Play Pass will be a paid subscription for the Play Store. Yes, for the Play Store, that service is free. Then happen to be paid? Not exactly, we tell you in detail.

Google Play Image Result

Google Play Pass

The Google Play Pass is a pass that allow you to access a large number of games and paid applications for "free" (It is not free as such, you pay for the Play Pass and therefore those applications have cost 0 for you).

But not only can you download many applications you want unlimited, but also you will not have ads and all payments in app (that is, purchases within the application) They will be unlocked.

All this is rumored to be priced at $ 4.99 per month (price possibly subject to taxes), although it will have a test period of 10 days.

Of course this is not forallthe applications, if not for one part, although surely they arehundreds of appsSo those who usually buy many apps on a regular basis, this subscription can be a way to save money.

The people of Android Police have published some screenshots of how to be the Google Play Pass.

Google Play Pass

In the screenshots you can see how they welcome you, informing you how the Google Play Pass works, which is what we have told you so far.

Once you are inside you will have a tab to navigate through all the applications and games that the Play Pass offers you for free.

Google Play Pass

Once we select the app or game (there seems to be a certain approach to games for that) that we want to download. We will go to your usual page of the Play Store, but when you choose to buy we will say that with Play Pass it is free (or $ 4.99 per month), and we can download the game directly.

Google Play Pass

We do not know if there will be a regulation for purchases in the application (there are games that have excessively expensive purchases within the application) or if they will only be some of them, or the games will be selected so that payments in the application do not give you much advantage About other players. This will be seen when this pass is officially launched.

What do you think of this idea? Are you one of those who spend a lot of money in the Play Store?

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