Do torrent clients possess viruses? We analyze this myth

Do torrent clients possess viruses? We analyze this myth


We all know that the Network of Networks, the Internet, is an inexhaustible and infinite source of information. With just one click, we run into the largest database ever seen, where everything is within reach and nothing is impossible.

But it is not that we doubt the "bad babilla" that some are spent here. The calls virus or malicious malware abound on the internet, spreading and improving after … well, to annoy us, period. It shows that not everything is well-intentioned among the web pages. Especially with what we download.

Do you remember when our only girl goes to our favorite songs and others were the torrents? Those programs in which a community of users share their files and without relying on a direct download, we can leave downloading what we would like for days. And there has also been talk of whether those files They were safe. More than one we have encountered some reformatting because of programs like Ares. But do they always carry viruses?

The myth of torrents … or not so myth


Other times we have analyzed myths such as rebooting as a solution or if the formatting is so effective and we have concluded that in both cases moderation was the key. But in the matter of downloads, moderation is more than a joke.

BitTorrent, the old Emule or Ares … Programs that with different fame have been relegated to their minimum expression – some more than others – by a mixture of bad reputation and defeat by other more reliable and safer download servers, such as Mega. While it is true that customers themselves do not have any danger, the files that handle s. And you have to be careful, because it will not be the first time we look for something and we end up getting annoyed.


Viruses reside in files with a tendency to be unknown or hidden such as sexual material, etc. The creators of these viruses camouflaged their malware in these files so that the impact and reports against their files were minor and not deleted. Many times they get it, and if well not all torrent files are malicious There are a lot of them that do.

And before someone tells me: But this is not like the Internet? There is also a lot of virus loose. Yes, you are right, but it lies in a difference. Torrent users do not want to rely on direct downloads and being aware of the network. They want to have comfort and leave the topic downloading, so it is a strong niche where to focus the malware and attract your “victims”, in case they focus more on these clients.

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Therefore, torrent are a virus nest? The answer is yes and no. It is a great way to download files without eating the coconut, but it is also a dangerous way to get what you want, so care must be somewhat more intense than in the same network.

Therefore, my advice is: Be careful what you download and the place from where you do it. Only then will you keep "the bad ones."

Are you still using torrents?